Procrastinator's Party and thrift sale finds.

Here's my wonderful finds from Friday's Jr. League Thrift sale I love everything I found ..

Isn't this so pretty .. can't wait to get it on our bed but it needs some airing out and sunshine first.

Love my little desk and chair find ~ I bought the chair first to use with a desk we already have then I found the desk not even realizing that they were a set, as I was loading it into the car Beth pointed it out which makes it that much more fun because one piece was on one side of the Civic center and the other was on the other side .. too cool they were meant to stay together. I am still going to use the chair with the desk we had and the desk is going in our bedroom to use as a bedside table. The top has some artwork done in red ball point ( Grils Rule lol ) that I need to sand off and hubby has already fixed a broken piece so with a good cleaning and a little wax she will be beautiful again. Can you read the carving inside of the drawer ..
it says K.W + R.L. 52 ... ahhhhhhh ..

and how about the fabulous piece of artwork to go over our bed The brown paper on the back was stamped Feb. 28, 1970 now ya'll all know you want this in your bedrooms ...

and this big basket was under a table marked $5.00 . I scooped it up quickly. I have been looking all summer for something to put on the front porch to store my blankets that I cover the ferns with when we have a little cold snap.

and books .. I always come home with books and basket

I am joining the lovely Miss Melissa and other wonderful bloggers for the The Inspired Room Procrastinator's Party Miss Melissa is encouraging us to finish up all those projects that we have been procrastinating over all summer. We have two weeks to finish our projects so ya'll wish me luck ~

I'm proclaiming to get all my thrift sale finds cleaned, painted and in place. Turn that 1970 artwork into something fabulous. Finish making the pillows for our bed and finish the Sunflower pillows for the porch .. whew ! There I said it ... so now I need to get busy .. Go checkout the other projects being done then come back on Tuesday October the 20th to see if we all finished

The rain has stopped but it is still cloudy. I finally got to see my beautiful new rain chain that Miss Bobbie gave me for my birthday in action .. I love it.. Thank you Bobbie loves ya !

Have a fun day !
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. What wonderful treasures you found. It is always so satisfying to come home with a car load of new goodies from thrift sales.

  2. Those are some great finds and I know what you mean about books!

  3. Wow! Can't wait to see how all those things turn out! That is quite an ambitious list. Have fun and good luck!

  4. What great finds from the thrift sale! Procrastinator's Party sounds like a good idea....have fun with that.

  5. Great finds here...can't wait to see what you do with the painting...and I need a rain chain, they are so cool.

  6. I love the lace! I saw that procrastinator's party at the Inspired Room too this morning be quickly avoided it! LOL Can't wait to see how your stuff turns out. -Jackie

  7. what terrfic finds! sounds like you have a lot to do...wish you luck!

  8. Wow, looks like you found some amazing "stuff", I never find anything good when I am at a thrift sale.
    Thank you again for welcoming me to Blotanical, I was very surprised to find out how many garden bloggers there are.

  9. Wow.. quite a sale, more like a treasure.
    Hope you manage to finish all that you wish to do by this summer.

  10. Best wishes for all your assorted projects. I love the white lacey spread (or whatever it is). I look forward to seeing how you use all your treasures!
    Jayne at mysongwithin

  11. Oh, I need to dedicate some time to dealing with thrift store finds, too!!! Good luck with all your projects.


  12. Those are great projects to tackle! I always love seeing thrift store finds brought to new life!

  13. Oh wow, I hope your projects are going well!! Glad you joined the party!!



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