Miss Lois ~ New project

Remember yesterday I said Miss Lois had a new project for me ? Well here it is ..

She was asked to be on the Beautification Committee for her Community and here is her first project . As you can see some of the bricks and soil have washed down into the pond and Dollar weeds are starting to sneak in. We talked about pansy's for now while trying to put together a long term plan . I so see my favorite little Black Johnny jump ups for the body . She suggested a type of boarded grass for the outline to try to keep the shape from washing out.
I would love to hear your suggestions .

Hello ..Miss Lois lets finish this one before we go over there. lol

Miss Joey hope it works out for ya. Let me know.

Have a fabulous Friday ya'll !
hugs, Cherry


  1. Was Miss Lois talking about Liriope, maybe variegated Liriope to help hold the slope? We call it border grass, but it is really in the lily family and those thick roots will stop a wash. The variegated is pretty, but where I want faster growth, I use the solid.

    Daylilies will hold a slope, too. I'm partial to miniature daylilies for edging. The old landscape fav, Sammy Russell, has little scarlet blossoms and I use it a lot. Little Grapette is a nice little purply one and there all kinds of little yellows.

    Those petal shaped beds are pretty, but they must be a nightmare to maintain. How do the mowers maneuver around them?

  2. Are you wanting an evergreen? I'd have to ponder this project!

  3. I would think liriope muscari in a nice bluish shade or other matching color would fill in the borders and hold the garden together. Maybe even digging the edging in a bit?

  4. P.S. I see Nell Jean already suggested the liriope. It works well.

  5. Liriope must be a good thing, if Tina thought of it, too. Bell Daylily Gardens in middle Georgia uses a lot of it. I think I'll go dig some and spread it around. They say it will keep grass from creeping into beds.

  6. Hello Cherry. I know you will create something much more attractive then what is there is now.

  7. I love the idea of native....
    Any good native to your area plants that would work?
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  8. Ooh, good ideas. Love the garden shape, too! Looking forward to hearing what you decide on.

  9. I would be so there working on that project with you, Cherry! I'm sure the end result will be beautiful so keep us blogged in! You KNOW I would be adding daylilies...lots and lots!

  10. Hi, Cherry, I like the liriope suggestions. I have a purple dwarf ruellia in some of my beds as a similar edging. It spreads by seed and can get leggy if you don't snap it back every once in a while, but the summer blooms can be very pretty.

    I look forward to seeing what you do.

    Thank you for visiting me.


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