Missing my friend Mr Ed

( no not the horse )

Mr. Ed & Miss Dot lived down the street and Miss Dot made one of the best pound cakes I have ever had the pleasure of eating .. We would fight at the church bake sales every year to get our hands on one.

The one and only year I got one I sliced it into thin pieces and put them in the freezer. I savored every bite of that cake right by myself.

thinking back I guess I never told anyone I had it .. lol

Mr. Ed & Miss Dot moved to the country last year so their family can help care for them. His gardens were cleaned out by the new owners time they moved in. I don't know what they did with all the lilies but driving past it looks so bare.

I can't help but be a little sad thinking what a shame the new owners never even saw them bloom, they never even knew what they had..

Mr Ed loves daylilies his gardens were full of them.
He loved for you to come visit and he loved to go visiting.

Time they would start blooming he would drive though the neighborhood looking to see who had what blooming.

Some morning he would stop and walk around and some mornings his knees would not let him walk so he would drive down the drive and just sit in the truck looking.

Some mornings he would catch me sitting in the back in my pj's & drinking coffee, some mornings it drove me crazy that he would show up while I was busy doing other things and I would have to stop and talk with him.

Beth remember all the mornings we would be talking on the phone and I would go hide from him.

One morning he & Miss Dot took me to see one of their friends gardens it was spectacular I had never seen so many dayliles in one place that were not for sale.

This morning as I walk around seeing the lily's start to bloom.

I can't help but wonder is there some young gardener in the country that has been stopped from her work this morning while a wonderful old man tells his tales of the gardens he once had ..

I sure hope so ... and I hope she has beds full of dayliles for him to enjoy...

both of these came from Mr. Ed


  1. What a wonderful tribute to Mr. Ed. I too can remember feeling bothered in similar situations. Yet, I also remember the most amazing awe the first time I walked into a massive daylily collection. Whooee!!

  2. Cherry a lovely and also a sad story. I think it is a shame to destroy old gardens they can have the most amazing plants. Those people miss a lot but unfortunately they don't know. I came by and thought...oh Cherries daylilies are blooming!

  3. I also know when I first saw a daylily garden. At that time I had just a few plants but had no idea that people collected them and that there were over 40,000 varieties. I got the shakes when I was among them. I'm sure that's the same way Mr. Ed felt.
    I can relate to the knee problem because I too am now having trouble and the gardening is more difficult every year. How long can I go on? As long as Mr. Ed!

  4. Cherry loved your story of Mr. Ed. My mom misses her neighbor every summer like that and shakes her head at the condition her kids have let the house become.

  5. That was the nicest thing I have read all day. Thanks for the smile and the wonderful story.

  6. Cherry it is sad when that type of thing happens to a beautiful and very loved garden. We did the opposite here .. we had two dead trees and an awful lawn as our new garden. I swear the owners would NOT recognize this house and gardens if they saw it now !
    So there are checks and balances to these new family/house stories thankfully !

  7. I was annoyed at times when my old neighbors used to walk by and I was oh-so-busy in the garden. Looking back though, I never would have had the chance to talk to most of them otherwise. I met so many people that I either don't remember the names of or maybe I wasn't even told names... Anyway, now that I live in the country I miss those opportunities.

  8. That's a wonderful story Cherry. Sounds like Mr Ed made a positive impact. Wish he had been my neighbor:). Great daylilies!


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