Happy wednesday ya'll

Lisa she walked in your house ?
now thats scary.

last year we had a drunk women drive into our back yard she got out of her car and started talking with my husband like she knew us, I was at the kitchen window and just thought

Who's that ... well she started pinching on my flowers and asking hubby could she have things..

He couldn't get in this house fast enough to get me
I gave her a few things and got her out of here ... lol

I can not find my little pot of yellow bells anywhere I had moved it a few times to see where I would to like plant it and it is possible it is still sitting right where I put it .. lol

looks like it's going to be a pretty day here think I am headed out to find some pine straw to finish mulching the beds.

have a great day everyone.


  1. Did she take your pot of yellow bells? Oh my word---she just walked in your house and took your stuff?---I'd still be fuming. You seem so calm....like it happens every day. Kudos to you!!! Bravo...keep on agoing--way to go slugger. We need to get you a sign that says....If you pull in my yard drunk then we can take it!

  2. Funny story, but after it was over did it sink in what just happened? She could have wanted more than a few flowers.

  3. My god Cherry !
    What is going on over there with strange creepy people who might just be stealing your plants girl ? .. ok .. did you leave that sweet tea and vodka out too long and this is the result ? LOL
    Put up a big privacy fence with a few attack dogs !! LOL

  4. Yes, she WALKED IN MY HOUSE. My house in kind of quirky and the kitchen & living rooms are on the top floor while the bedrooms and the office are on the ground floor. I was upstairs paying bills at the kitchen table, my son (7 years) was downstairs in his room when I heard someone calling "Hello, hello, it's Pam!" I have a friend named Pam but I thought her voice sounded funny. By the time I got downstairs she was almost to my sons room. To make a long story short, I talked her out back onto the porch away from my son. She was obviously high on something as she was acting like we were old friends. I thought my hubby was out on a bike ride but turns out he was in the side yard. When he came walking up she suddenly jumped up and said she had to go. Creeped me out for a long time.


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