Black & Blue Salvia

I love this plant & the colors

This is the one I planted last year it was beautiful all summer even in August when most things in Savannah are suffering from the heat

so instead of waiting on rooting's of this one I bought 3 more and planted them in the front bed I bet they are going to make that bed pop.


  1. Our hummingbirds love this plant above all the other ones we've put in that are supposed to attract them. And we're thrilled that it looks like our 3 plants made it through the winter.

  2. I haven't seen that one. It is a lovely color. And did Curmudgeon say hummingbirds love it? Is it hardy to zone 5?

  3. Curmudgeon glad to hear yours made it

    yes the Hummers do love it.
    My tag says Hardiness to 15f

    not sure how cold you get but maybe with some protection Miss Robin.

  4. I LOVE this one - and I can't grow it here. Wah :(


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