Monday, May 19, 2008

Shrimp Plant

The first three pictures are my new Shrimp plant
and the last picture is Mom's which is very old.
It's about 6 feet tall.


  1. What a very interesting looking plant. I can totally understand the reason for it's name.Looks like it's covered with jumbo shrimp!

  2. Oh wow! What a neat plant! It really does look like shrimp :)

  3. Hey BFF, I am so very envious of your green thumb. There is so much color in your gardens. Can you come for a "consultation visit" and give me your expert advice to get more color into my gardens? Please keep the pictures coming. At least I can dream through your photos!

  4. Shrimp plants are lovely and I'm very impressed by your Mom's giant shrimp plant.

  5. What a unique plant...wonder if they grow in Missouri? Your deck is looking beautiful, what a wonderful spot for Yoga and relaxing. Maybe we gave up on our above ground too quickly??

  6. That's a beautiful plant. Quite unique. Thanks for sharing!


  7. I've had shrimp plants as house plants in the past, I cant begin to imagine growing them outside and having them survive here though. ^ foot is a monster of a plant!

  8. Unique, and loved the color of the flowers!


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