Shopping with Miss Lois

Well here's today's haul

Shopping with mom is always an adventure..

As I was loading the truck she kept shopping

She told me to yell when the truck was full ... lol

and when it was full she crawled back into the truck and announced

she needed a root beer.

oh and for lunch she had a large chocolate milk shake.

Beth you were missed but then had you gone she would have kept shopping till your car was full :0

Love ya momma


  1. What a haul! This may be tomorrow as I am going to our local spring show where there are at least 100 nurseries!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm so glad your mom didn't let the dog near the flowers, however, I bet they were mostly her flowers and that sure makes a difference doesn't it. lol Your truck is just blooming with beauty!

  3. Beautiful plants and chocolate milkshakes!
    Great mothers day post

  4. Now this is my idea of a shopping trip. Yell when the truck is full...LOL!


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