New Years Day on Tybee Island

I promised pictures of all the fun so here's a few.. OK here's a bunch. I wanted to share the entire 200 or so...

The morning started out quite and beautiful... one lonely little tutu

a few kids tossing footballs, a few kites

a man in mix matched clothes and a lampshade on his head

and this sweet family. The little girls were telling daddy how to pose while mom giggled and took pictures, and of course daddy had to show off for all of his girls..

Mr Woopie cushion and his friend

more tutu's arrived as well as Mr. Cheesehead, polar bear family & purple hair man . A lady with 45's ( records for those to young to know what I'm talking about ) attached to her and Guinness World Record buttons.. I don't know if she was an official from Guinness or just playing up the world record attempt.

about 11:45 people started being counted, now I have to say at 11:00 I truly did not think there was enough people to break the original record of like 546 people but all of a sudden there was people everywhere..

including yellow man, Alice and wonderland characters, another polar bear and a group we never did figure out what they were with white tails and head bands ?

The pier was packed, the crosswalk was packed and the part of the beach that was roped off to hold those that were participating in the record attempted was packed..

isn't she adorable

Swim caps everywhere... turns out we not only broke the old record we crushed it.. Over 2000 caps were handed out.. For 10 minutes over 2000 people wearing swimming caps laughed, clapped and cheered and they now get to say they helped break a Guinness World Record as the most people gathered together wearing swimming caps

and as the trumpet blew 12 o'clock people with and without caps ran, jumped or tip toed into the Atlantic... love the couple hugging she looks so happy..

as some covered up and headed home

others continued to play in the surf.. The lady on the left in the blue is very pleased with herself. You go you brave, brave lady..

there was dancing

and lots and lots of happy people everywhere

and then there was those of us that choose to just stand back and enjoy watching.. Over 4000 people showed up for the plunge it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.. if you would like to see a little video of the event you can check it out here on Mermaid Cottages blog it really shows just how many people there was.. It was a fun day we rode the bike down and enjoyed all the sunshine...

I'm heading over to see what Miss Susan and the gang are sharing today for the Outdoor Wednesday party at A Southern Daydreamer come go with me and join in on all the fun. hugs and happy Wednesday ya'll, Cherry


  1. Oh that really is fun! A lot of people gathering for something to break Guinness happen everywhere, and sometimes when they do that here, i just laugh at the reasons. e.g. the longest fish broiling in the highway reaching a few kilometers, the longest kissing couple. Aren't we people really a funny bunch! I can see you also enjoyed talking those shots and watching. Happy 2012!

  2. What a fun way to start the new year. Love all the costumes and enthusiasm. It's so fun to go out to big events like that and be part of a good crowd. Happy New Year!


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