Ahhh finally a little peace and quite

The babies sure enjoyed the Christmas tree, they broke many limbs but it stayed upright which really surprised us, everyday we just knew it was coming down .. time I got it cleaned up and moved their tree house back into the window they both climbed up and went to sleep...now to get the rest of this place cleaned up so I can get back to painting. Before Christmas I got in Annie Sloans new Coco paint and it is yummy it looks like old driftwood to me.. so if I refer to it as driftwood please excuse me but that is what I named it time I opened the can.. I started painting the back porch furniture before the holiday's and have been chomping at the bit to get back to it.. I also got a sample jar of Emperor's Silk and Primer Red to see which one I would like to paint my Christmas gift from the hubby which I will be sharing soon..

Hope everyone had a great New Years we had a ball at Tybee yesterday we broke the record by a long shot. The weather was perfect it was in the 70's I'll share some pictures of all the fun Wednesday.. Oh today's high 50's then into the 20's burrrrrrrrrr.. a 40 degree drop in less than 24 hours ..
Oh well it is January isn't it..lol

Happy Monday and hugs from, me & the kitty's


  1. Your kitties are adorable! They have just the right spot to watch the world go by... Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a new "friend". Happy 2012 XO Cindy

  2. The kitties wanted their spot back. They are too cute by far. Happy New Year.


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