A tiny bit of color in the garden

it's Flaunt your flowers Friday over at Tootsie Time

I don't have much to flaunt but I didn't want to miss the first garden party of the new year.. I took these new years day. We have since gone into the 20's for a few nights so everything looks yucky now..

Lady Bankus Roses in January might mean none in March and April

my cute new mud boggers from Western Chief they have a rooster weather vane design on them. I wore these out shopping the week after Christmas it was a rainy nasty day and the hubby had been teasing me about them so I wore them to embarrass him. We were in Chick-fil-A and the cutest little girl who had a pair of pink ones sat down on the floor and started taking her boots off. I smiled at her and told her how much I liked her boots, her mother was steady telling her to put her shoes back on ... She handed me her boots then started rubbing mine...lol. I was cracking up, her mom told her to put hers back on that I was not going to trade her. Then her mom told me that she and her cousins trade shoes every time they are together..lol Her whole body could have fit in one of mine.

Tea olives, verbena's, lantana's, salvia's, perpetual marigold that finally started blooming and one little Cassia bloom. yeah I know not much.. but the boots are worth flaunting, right! OK come on and follow me to Tootsie Time and lets see if we can find some real flowers being flaunted.

Happy, Happy Friday hope ya'll
have a wonderful weekend .. hugs, Cherry


  1. Hi Cherry, You have many pretties from your garden; they'll be back and hopefully soon. I do love your header photo. Is that a magnolia? I enjoyed looking at the slideshow on your sidebar too. You have a fabulous garden!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. Great boots. Can we trade? Mine are plain black, hardly worn since I stopped running cows, lol.
    23 degrees took out most of my lantana blooms except where they cozy up under the pines. Nothing deterred the winter weeds. Camellias have to start over from buds; I hate the brown flowers. Now it's warm again until more rain. Last January was just one consecutive cold spell. I'm glad when freezing comes a night or two at a time.

  3. My daughter gave me a really nice pair of garden boots for my birthday and now all the kids laugh at me when I put them on... going shopping in your boots.. I need to do that! (kids will not go with me..haha)
    Nice post

  4. Yes those boots are definitely worth flaunting! Love your blooms too, especially the gorgeous Roses and Marigolds.

  5. Cute boots and boot story. What beautiful blooms. The artic blast that came through did some of my plants in for the winter.

  6. Beth it is a camellia thanks everyone for stopping by..

  7. What a cutie, I want your boots too! You flowers are so pretty!

  8. Thanks for dropping by my place! Really really love your stamped background and the photo of you and your hubby! Looks a lot like mine! :)
    Love, Olga

  9. Now those are my kind of boots! I think your garden looks great for what you say is not much!I've been gardening a lot this month...love the warm January days...it won't last much longer though!

  10. I am Gaga over the boots. Love the boot story with the little one. So cute. Blessings Ginger


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