Sometimes our hearts get tangled

and our souls get a little off-kilter friends and family can set us right and help guide us back to the light ~ Sera Christann

This has been one of those weeks .. My emotions are all over the place.. Our family lost another beautiful soul to Cancer. I will always remember you as the good looking boy cousin who had the mean little bother that stole my barbie dolls.. Rest in peace cuz and big hugs to that mean little brother love ya!

Hey Lexi wanna catch a wave ? How do we do that Kaiden ? Well you got to get your legs just right and wait on the big one..

The hubby was off this week so we tried to pack in as much fun as we could.
We got to spend some time at Tybee with family and friends.. Nothing like getting me some sugar from my babies to mend my heart ..

We bought this and have been riding everywhere .. If you want to clear your mind .. Hop on . It has been so much fun no one can believe we have done this.. I told hubby a few years ago for our 5oth we should buy a bike.. Well hello ... Fifty is right around the corner for both of us so Happy Birthday to us !

Even Kaiden can't believe it ! Hey Kaiden my bike is bigger than yours ..

and tonight will be the most emotional night of all. Our beautiful nephew D.J is graduating high school.. D.J came into this world fighting. The doctors said he would never walk, talk or use his right hand.. Boy has he proved them wrong.. Through the grace of God, his awesome Momma and family, D.J has done all the things that they said he wouldn't plus so much more. You can see him dancing a jig here. Finding Beauty Friday's ~ Meet D.J.

We still have 3 days left of hubby's mini stay-cation we plan on doing some more riding, lots of swimming, eating, hanging out with friends and taking naps on the porch..

Hope each of you have a beautiful Friday and a safe long weekend .. enjoy yourselves!
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Love the blog. Enjoy the "50's bike" and stay-cation! Hugs right back at 'cha! Carol

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. I keep hearing about Tybee Island, and since I am such a beach lover it sound like heaven. And the motorcycle...what a fun celebration of the BIG 5-0! Lastly, welcome as my newest blog follower!


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