Finding Beauty Friday's ~ Meet DJ

I would like too introduce ya'll to my nephew DJ ... for those of you that already know DJ you're smiling right now ... You can't help it DJ has that effect on everyone!

He loves singing, dancing, telling stories, Kasey Kahne #9 , Mountain DEW, going to school and his family. He is so full of life that it just jumps right out of him... DJ has Cerebral Palsy and through the years we have watched him grow into an awesome young man. He defeats every obstacle that life throws at him with a smile on his face. Even on the toughest of day's DJ's smiling ...

But on this day DJ wasn't sure what to do .. DJ was going to the prom ... A couple of weeks ago my little sister Cricket got a call from DJ's teacher asking was it OK for DJ to ask a classmate to the prom .. Well of course it was OK .. When Cricket called me she was crying, laughing and talking 90MPH and she didn't stop crying, laughing & talking 90MPH till the day after the prom... She was so excited you couldn't help but laugh at her and DJ well let's just say he takes after his mother without the crying ... He was so excited that it was all he could think about. On the morning of the prom he woke his mom up at 4 am wanting to start getting ready to go..

The beautiful Miss Taylor & DJ .. She was so sweet and shy, her dress was gorgeous. Her family were a lot of fun her daddy & grandfather both gave DJ a little man to man talk on how to treat their girl.. DJ was so nervous all he could say was a whole lot of yes sir's ..

Miss Emmie she came from no where screaming DJJJJJJJJJJJ then jumped into his arms.. She looked like a little princess she was hugging everyone .

The Trolley that took them to dinner and then to the prom

the whole gang ..

please one more picture for aunt Cherry!

oh no now what do I do

and they are off .. as we wipe away our tears we all go into that oh how I wish I could be there, will they have fun.. will he be OK ...

Turns out our DJ is a mad man and he had a blast !!
We found this picture in our local paper .. lol

His teachers had to make him sit down and rest they say he danced to every song and see that little pink princess behind him whooping it up .. lol ..

I can't say that I have ever seen anything more beautiful than our DJ, his friends and the awesome teachers that worked so hard too make this such a beautiful experience. A night that DJ nor his family will never forget ..

Finding beauty around us really isn't hard just open your heart so your eyes can see it ..

I am linking up with Miss Claudia at Dipity Road for Friday's Finding Beautytoday .. Thank you Miss Claudia ..

Thank you to everyone that called, emailed and left me such great advise on choosing paint colors. I took half of the living room with me to the paint store and after choosing a handful of color charts I went into the parking lot popped up the back hatch and started eliminated colors.. Turns out Friday is a busy day in paint store parking lots. I had lots of people wanting to help

I have chosen my colors and I'm super excited I stayed in the off white pallet. The living room is going to be in Benjamin Moore OC-76 Old Country which is a pinky sand color and the Kitchen/ laundry room in OC-69 White Opulence. I also picked up OC-72 Pink Damask to paint some furniture .. As I said I'm super excited BUT ... everything is pretty much being put on hold for the next couple of weeks My beautiful niece Dani is getting married June 12 th so it's time to get out of playing house mode and into wedding mode .. So hang in here with me and maybe by the end of June I can share some pretty painted walls with ya..

Have a beautiful and safe weekend everyone.
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Get out of here! This one of the most precious posts I've read in a long time!! You go DJ!!!

  2. Love the photo looking through the trolley car window. Hee hee... I bet he was nervous but soooo happy. Thanks for this WONDERFUL post today.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (Oh, and good luck with the painting)


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