Savannah Garden Expo 2011

This year the Savannah Garden Expo was moved to a new site Trustee's Gardens From 1733 to 1748 Trustees’ Garden was set aside from Savannah as an experimental farm where peaches, rice, cotton, grapes, flax, hemp, indigo, olives, and the mulberry trees essential to silk culture, were grown. Silk was an early promise, and the town’s largest structure was the filature where the cocoons were unwound into silk thread. Queen Caroline was clothed in Georgia silk. However, large-scale silk production did not happen, so interest waned and the garden closed. You can read the rest of this story here

There has been a lot of restoration going on at Trustee's Garden and it has become a beautiful venue for many types of events.. checkout these wedding pictures ..

the decorations for the expo were simple, coastal and very elegant.

these orchids are real and stunning

loved these jars filled with hen & chicks

This years theme was "History Blooms in Savannah"
Savannah’s historic color palette needed to be used in the completion entries.. Stories of local historic colors range from social caste to voodoo lore; Some examples are: Haint Blue, Chatham Gold, Tabby White, Tomochichi Red, and Winter Marsh. So what do you think, do you see the History of Savannah in these window boxes and container gardens ?

Bobbie and I had a great day at the expo as much as I loved the new venue, set up and vendors that were there I was very disappointed with the size of the event. This was the expo's 11th year and I do think this year was the smallest. With only a handful of vendors compared to past years. Last year there was over 30 vendors with everything from lace hankies, County Cooperative Extension Service, Antiques, beautiful handcrafted items and and many plant vendors from several different states. Plus local clubs, landscape designers and nursery's for the past few years have created elaborate displays to go with each years theme. There was none of that this year which was very disappointing as it has been one of my favorite parts of the show.

I'm not sure why this years event was down sized so much but I do hope that next year it will be back to the event I have grown to love and can't wait to attend each spring.

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. How fun!! Love the wall gardens, very inspirational! And look at all that sunshine, this Seattle girl is quite green with envy =)

  2. How lovely. The hen and chicks in glass are neat.


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