Hey, Hey it's Flaunt your flowers Friday

over at Miss Tootise Time so come join the fun..
 here's a little bit of what is blooming in my yard this week.

hardy hibiscus

a few of my favorites right now Stokesia laevis 'Silver Moon' (Stokes Aster)
 Hot lips Salvia

Hosta's, fern's & hydrangea's

little old fashion rose

butterfly bush and black & blue salvia

Andean Silver Leaf sage ~ The leaves are a powdery gray /silver and each one of these stems have a single flower stem that will have multiple tiers of almost black flowers.  
This plant has been one of my favorites for years. 
I lost it a few years back and was tickled pink to find it again.
 Sea Island Savory Herbs had it at the Expo this year.

I also bought this sweet little Ivy violet from them and have it sitting
 right outside the back door so I get to enjoy it coming and going.

I know I'm running a day late but I'm linking up with
cause I love Miss Tracie's blog and seeing all the beautiful things
 that are shared on Thursday's ..

Come on along let's go see all the pretties at both blog parties..
Have a wonderful weekend everyone !

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Why don't I have a hardy pink hibiscus! It's beautiful...love the ivy violet, looks like a geranium doesn't it?

  2. You've got some absolutely gorgeous blooms to show off. I think that little Violet looks almost identical to our native Australian Violet which I grow in my garden ... Viola hederacea.

    I wish I could grow Hydrangeas ... yours are just lovely. I just love your Mallow Hibiscus ... I would love to give that a go here in my garden.

  3. Love your blog. Have visited Savannah twice this past year and would not have thought some of those plants would flourish in your climate - glad to see they do!

  4. Cherry your Hibiscus are just the prettiest. I am loving the variegated Hydrangea's though. Stunning.

  5. Gorgeous flowers! I'm in heaven seeing all these blooms.

  6. Your flowers are bea-utiful! Does everything grow there like crazy? I wish we could get more to grow here.



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