Flaunt your flowers Friday

Want to see what Miss Lois has blooming right now?

Lilly's lots of beautiful lily's

these lilly's are so bright they were hard to photograph

her beds are full of so many different things.

so many different colors

and these were my favorite they are a very soft butter color.
Come on over to

Have a great weekend everyone
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Miss Lois has it going on doesn't she? I'll be adding more lilies come spring, I love them!

  2. I love lilies and am patiently waiting for my little patch of them to form flowers yet. Your pictures will help me survive the wait! Have a great Friday!

  3. One of my favorite times in the garden is when Lilies and Gardenias bloom. It's a treat to walk by a Gardenia bush now.

    Your collage is full of pretties, too, especially that pink zantedeschia.

  4. Just so pretty. I love the tiger ones especially. ♥O

  5. The Lilies are so beautiful and what a collection!

  6. Those are such lovely lilies! Looks like a beautiful weekend here. Hope yours is as well!

  7. My lilies are just started to awaken. Love those yellow ones, too!

  8. So many lilies, glad you shared.
    Like that title 'Flaunt your Flowers'...we all do it.

  9. Beatiful lilies! I need to go and check on mine, we are a little behind you season-wise...but not much. I love the fragrance of the lilies.

  10. I am honored to have you linked to me this week...I hope you will share more of this type of gorgeous in the weeks to come!!!


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