Annie Sloan I love ya but....

my house is a wreak, my tomatoes are begging for attention, the grass needs mowing and I forget to eat and pee when I'm playing with your paint... oh and the hubby had to order out twice this Who needs food when you have fabulous paint..

This little chest was Aubusson Blue last week which I loved but it seemed heavy. So she got repainted in Old White and she is so sweet and pretty now.. This is what I'm loving about the Chalk paint you can repaint till you are satisfied without any extra work. If you haven't tried it on metal or plastic yet try it! It is fabulous that little shell lamp above was brass with a white plastic sleeve. I painted them both with Versailles then waxed the brass it looks great.

I painted the lids with the Antibes Green then a coat of Graphite. Waxed, roughed them up a little to show some green, buffed and then wrote what flavor tea was inside with chalk .. too cute..

.... and here is my chair and stool yes that is a drop cover cloth covering the cushions till I can find the fabric I want .. and Miss Teresa if you would just bring your cute little self on down to Savannah you could have this finished for me..

I am madly in love with the stool I know the pictures aren't great but it's getting ready to rain so no good light in the house this morning .. the rattan looks plastic in this picture but it's the real deal.. oh and that lamp got a coat of Graphite.

and old side table the hubby built many moons ago with a little slap of Versailles

and here we have my Peaches to Beaches dresser in Paris Grey which really was pretty but won't work in my house

so here she is in Versailles this color is a little confusing to me it goes on a pretty soft green then it turns light butter, but inside it looks almost a soft khaki. I still have to wax her and I am going to scuff her up a little bit I will show her to ya'll again once I get her inside and the mirror is attached. I haven't seen them together yet ..woohoo can't wait..

and here's a handy tip Bud Select bottles make great knob holders... Attach your hardware back to your knob drink a beer, paint, sit knob in bottle .. hey it works ! I don't drink beer so hubby had that pleasure while I did all the

Happy Weekend everyone go out and have loads of fun give your mom's and them mother in laws big hugs and don't forget to do something nice for yourself ..

opps almost forgot Savannah Granny I ordered out of Mississippi from Miss Virginia of The Southern Institute of Faux Finishing they were very helpful and Graphite is more grey than black but when you add a dark wax it tends to look black. Hope that helped..

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Wow, you have really been using a lot of colors of the chalk paint. I have used old ochre, old violet, country gray, and I have old white coming. It is fabulous stuff isn't it. My house is the same. Laundry is piled up and ironing, well forget it. Trying to get some yard work done, but I really would rather paint. Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment.

  2.'ve been busy! I love the chair and stool. I especially love the color!!!

  3. Girl you are a painting machine.LOL! You have created some really lovely pieces with some paint and elbow grease.I have never used Chalk Paint before but I will keep it in mine on my next project.

  4. Oh my! I'm new to your blog---but am having a great time looking around. I popped in from This Old House 2...

    I was wondering if you painted that beautiful chair and footstool yourself---and what color and brand of paint is it? I would like to paint my daughter's dresser just like that!!!

  5. Whoops---and if you have a moment to reply--do you mind doing so to

    Thanks! :)


  6. Cherry,

    So many sweet pieces! I think I am finally sold that I need to order some chalk paint!

  7. You sold me Cherry, especially on the brass! I have a dining room brass chandelier that's just asking for graphite and brown stain.


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