A few of my favorite vendors at The Savannah Garden Expo 2011

Studier's Honeypot has now opened a store at 952 Go Cart Road in Guyton, Georgia (912) 772- 3876 .. I was ticked pink to find them at the expo. Local honey is one of those things I like to keep on hand and eat almost every day and I have to say this is one of the best I have found.. She is also selling beeswax candles and other items in her gift shop so go check it. Click Here to read a really great story that was done last year on the Studier family and how their honey business got started over 70 years ago.

There was all these adorable baby bunnies, chicks and hens for sale which was a first at the expo and I have to say them bunnies sure were cute.. When I was about 14 one morning on the way to school I found a baby rabbit. I sneaked him into my bedroom and kept him there for a few days before anyone found him ..lol he got to stay for a little bit then he was moved to the back yard and I'm not sure how this one bunny became multiple bunnies but before long we had bunnies everywhere ~ and yes I know about the birds & bees but it was one bunny ???? How does that happen ..lol

Then there was some really cool items from a few local artist you have to see all the beautiful things being made at www.sabenati.com ~ The creations of Sabenati are based on the unlikely beauty of found materials from the various natural settings in Savannah which are re-purposed into functional art I'm telling ya this is some awesome stuff..

there's my girlfriend Bobbie just a swingin .. kinda looks like she might have been a singin while swingin ..lol ...Joseph's Colours was back, they have a great line of metal garden products, steel trellises, plant stands, arbors, and lots of other cute items like the fairy's, butterflies and some really large fish.

We weren't sure who this vendor was or what they were selling but their booth sure looked pretty.

My favorite herb grower's is back Sea Island Savory Herbs was at the show this year and I was thrilled. They grow the best quality of plants that I have ever seen. They grow cultivars especially for our semi-tropical climate. Sea Island Savory Herbs is a small, family-run farm located on Johns Island, South Carolina for over 30 years with a wide variety of “home grown” plants, ranging from hard-to-find old-fashioned varieties of camellias to a multitude of culinary and ornamental herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers.

and I think I bought one of everything

well maybe not but I would have like too .. I will show off some of those pretty purchases soon. If you are headed to Charleston, Johns Island is before you get there coming from Savannah. John's Island is a pretty place. If you have ever tasted The Firefly brand of sweet tea vodka it came from the John's Island area. You can tour The Irvin House Vineyard Tara Gold is my favorite of their wines .. and a must while on the island is a meal at The Fat Hen awesome food and atmosphere it is where I first tasted the Firefly vodka in a lemon-aid yum yummy that I keep trying to recreate ... So head off to John's Island and visit Sea Island Savory Herbs buy a bunch of goodies and enjoy your day.

Farmers Organic if you are a novice or a well seasoned gardener you have to try my new best friend it is a soil conditioner made in Newton, Georgia here is a great article about it from Wilson Brothers Nursery I added it as a side dressing to my tomatoes about 2 weeks ago and holy cow what a difference I'm heading out this morning to add it to everything I can till the bag is empty..

It is beautiful here this morning a perfect day to be outside and playing... sooooooo see ya!
It's Outdoor Wednesday over at Miss Susan's A Southern Daydreamer

So come join us for some outdoor fun .. and have a wonderful Wednesday
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Thank you for coming by my little corner of OZ and leaving a comment. I really love your Garden Expo- the booths looks really cool. I would love to own the metal pig and whatever that monster is!! We buy fresh eggs here from friends of ours. Come on back anytime.

  2. Hi!
    Wonderful stuff to look at. Love that little monster, cute. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Beautiful photos!!

    Glad to be following you now...

  4. Your banner is breathtaking!

    Thanks for the pictures of the honey farmer. My son wants to raise bees and he's working to buy a hive. We will have to explore their site.

    Thanks for visting my blog.

  5. Wish I could have gone! Looks like some great vendors!!!!

  6. I would love visiting the Herb store! Garden Expos are so much fun! Great visuals, thank you for sharing and thank you Cherry for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.

  7. whoa, what a great festival that looks like! i love those creations from found materials, truly amazing. those little bunnies are so sweet-we have some hiding under our back stairs!


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