If you are looking for me I'm on the back porch...

playing with my newest colors of Annie Sloan chalk paint.

Antibes Green is my new favorite as you can see ..

I'm loving being able to use the paint to make big changes and little changes

like the lids to my Lillian Vernon canisters that I have had forever and still love.

my little desk is now perfect .. and I even used the paint to repaint the lampshade

I watered the paint down and it just flowed right on to the shade it was much easier than the first time when I used spray paint.

there's more changes on the way and more colors to play with.. Scandinavian Pink, Versailles, and Graphite are all out back calling my name but, I need to wax that chair and stool before I can move on. So like I said if your looking for me I'm out back playing.. 

Happy Monday ~ MAY it be a special day for everyone.. MAY dang it, it's May already..

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. I'll be right over to watch you! Love the changes here.

  2. Oh, it's fun to get out the paint and paint brushes, isn't it?! Love the green!!

  3. I love all your pieces! They look great and I love the green!

  4. We are on the same wave-length girlfriend! I'm off my rocker painting too...although mine will be black. I'm painting two rockers (and looking for two more) to put on my porch, they are going to look great with my green shutters. I just love green and I'll need to check out this chalk paint your working with.

  5. Nice work! Look forward to seeing the fabric you are going to use on that chair! You know me and fabric!
    And brilliant on that lampshade! Love it. I would've never thought of that.
    Have a beautiful day, Cherry!

  6. Cherry, I will let you paint furniture and shades {actually I hoard those} as I do not do that very much or very well. That green is a happy color indeed. I cannot get out of my flower garden to do anything else. Keep painting♥ olive

  7. Cherry, I keep seeing that paint on all the blogs. Did you get yours in Savannah or did you order it. It all looks great especially the rocker. I loooove rockers. Let me know how you like the graphite. I am interested in that color. Hugs, Ginger

  8. Now I feel sheepish...just read this post after I left my comment on your previous post!

  9. I learned from you, 1/ lamp shades can be painted 2/ how to do it. Thanks
    Love the green.


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