to pretty to rip out just yet !

you can't even see the tub that the sweet tator vine is in.
Don't think I can take these apart just yet ... so Bobbie rent that uhaul it's looking like a road trip after that first frost ? See my pretty sign ..
simple words but they describe me to a T ..
thank you Bobbie I love it and you.

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  1. Lovely containers of blooms. It is hard to say so long to our tender perennials and annuals at this time of the year.

  2. your sign looks very pretty - I love it.

  3. Maybe we need a plant bereavement support group! It's sad to part with our summer friends. I always try to hang on too long to the annuals in containers. Cameron

  4. Definitely too pretty to rip out. I would leave them in as long as possible. Being in Savannah that is pretty long. A plant bereavement group sounds cool. Yup, I see us all crying over our compost bins now.

  5. Have a nice day too! Thanks for visiting me.

  6. The seasons coming to an end, so sad. Your plants still look lovely. ~d

  7. Hi Cherry, much too pretty, keep hangin on while they look that good. My coleus are doing the same, looking too good to pull even though the pansies and violas have been purchased for their replacement and I have to water them so to keep them going until they get planted. Just not tough enough. ;->


  8. Your right, too pretty to rip out.
    Yummy,fresh made salads.


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