Shut the gate, don't let the cold in

Oh no someone left the gate open and the cold air has slipped right into Savannah we have a wind chill and may have our first frost tonight : (
On one hand it's sad on the other I can't help but to look forward to all the beauty that a frosty morning can bring or to the wonderful rich foods that you don't even think about till the weather turns cooler. Last week the Forever 40 Somethings had an email frenzy with recipes for soups, stews, chili's and chowders, it's always fun to hear what others enjoy and to try out their recipes, and having said that I will be trying Miss Joey's
chicken pecan quiche that I found on her blog this morning it looks so yummy!
Miss Joey's blog is The Village Voice at
she did several very beautiful post last week on the wine country in Michigan that you have to checkout .. having been blessed with a bottle of Michigan wine for my birthday a couple of years ago from my BFF Jilly Bean it made reading Miss Joey's post and seeing her beautiful pictures that much sweeter.

you really have to go look at Miss Joey's blog you will love it.
And nope these pictures are not grapes but they sure were pretty moon flowers. The vine on the back fence has not stopped blooming since it started back in June. I love the purple color of their pods.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by last week and left such great comments. I love hearing from everyone, but I have to say I'm sorry cause I suck at replying back mostly because all I want to do is get back to reading your blogs and leaving comments on them but know I treasure each and every comment and love seeing who has stopped in for a visit.. and now it's time for a cup of cinnamon tea while I stroll through your gardens on this chilly evening.

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  1. Is that what happens when it gets cold? Okay Joy, shut that door already! Or maybe it was someone else who let the cold air down here.

    We got snow here already. Get out the stew recipes, I'm ready!

  2. I don't think it was as cold as predicted here. I saw no evidence of frost kill today. But, it has been cold during the day and windy. I love soup at this time of year.

  3. Popped over for a visit and honored by your post. You are most kind, dear Cherry. Big thanks! Your photos are stunning and your site a joy to visit. We saw our first snowflakes today on a trip with my grandboys to the cider mill. Not quite ready for the cold snap since many leaves are still on the trees and my garden not yet put to bed. Oh well ... it is what it is!

  4. Beautiful moon flowers! Sorry to hear about the cold weather. I don't know how you do in those cold climates, it got down into the low 60s yesterday (Florida) and I had to get my sweater and coat out.
    Thanks for the well wishes today,

  5. Hi, Cherry, love the moon flowers! Wow. Must find those for next year. And thanks for the heads up on Joey's chicken pecan quiche! (She is the best cook, isn't she??) Hope you post some of those soup recipes soon.We're gonna need them and I bet we all have company coming! Right? :)

  6. Hi from Val at pencil and leaf.. thanks so much for your comment. I just love these beautiful moon flowers and of course the pods... I must try to find some to draw!


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