A day with Miss Lois

As I have said before shopping with Miss Lois is always an adventure and one of my favorite things to do.
Love ya momma!

We both get a little crazy when we go up to Rahn's greenhouses we try to bring home everything .. lol

I packed the car with trays sitting sideways then I started stacking trays on top of each other. I stuck plants in every little space I could find.

While I was trying to be ever so careful & place each plant so they
would arrive home intact, Miss Lois sat in the front seat telling me how to do it & hurrying me along because the new Dairy Queen was going to be packed if we didn't get there early .. lol... She ate an entire banana split on the ride home then let daddy & I unload her flowers which was 3/4 of what we bought while she went & took her nap.. lol

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  1. My favorite kind of shopping! Have fun planting all those beauties. My poor snapdragons are looking sadly frosted this chilly morning.
    That bright yellow mum is so cheery!
    If I had a shed it would look just like yours...well used! :) There'll be time for tidying up when the planting is done. Maybe :)

  2. Guess we know where your sass comes from, huh?

  3. I think you're going to need a truck next shopping trip! Love your selections. It's great that you and your mom get to go on such a wonderful outing. Cheers, Cameron

  4. Sounds like my kind of day! Gorgeous plants ... sigh ... my garden is waning ;(

  5. I'm soo jealous, I want to go next time, just don't know where we would put all the flowers have to rent a u-haul.
    I'm trying this stuff
    help is most welcome.

  6. That really is a load! The color combos are pretty together. More importantly--you guys had a good time.

  7. My favorite kind of shopping!

    I do understand that you get a little crazy when you go to Rahn's greenhouses!

  8. What fun to having a plant shopping partner. I laughed as you described trying to cram plants into your vehicle. I've had to get creative packing into a subcompact, especially if I pick up a shrub.

  9. So many colorfull plants you have bought. It will be werry beautiful when you have planted it.


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