Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First frost

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  1. Hi Cherry, Thanks for stopping by my place. I love that photo of your potting shed. I've peeked around at some of your other photos, too. You have a beautiful garden with lots of color! I'll stop by again and visit!

  2. Always a shock even when we are expecting it to arrive! gail

  3. we got our first frost last night too. i am not a cold weather girl either. thanks for coming by "things i love"> this house is so quaint.

  4. Hi Cherri, I'm so happy I found your site. I went back thru your older posts. You have such pretty photos. I'm marking your blog to visit often. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Very CUTE potting shed!

    Frost seems too early, doesn't it? Tomorrow night, temps are expected to be 29! Say, what?


  6. Boy, what a jolt. We had frost last night & I was not ready for that trick. Didn't know it was coming. Should have thought that as Sun. we had that North wind blowing.
    I love you garden shed. Looks nice & roomy.

  7. Hi Cherry...your potting shed is so quaint!...I want one! We've had snow flurries here the past couple of days.

  8. I am glad to have winter nipping at our heels. It was such a brutal summer for us. The change is welcome here. I guess we will wake up to a similar beauty on our rooftops. Love your shed. I'm in the shed mode cause we got ours started.

  9. This night is first frost here in Bodo, Norway. It is late this year, usually we have first frost early oktober.


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