could you throw these away ?

Miss Lois and I went shopping Friday I knew it was a little early for us but didn't think it would be a big deal but it turns out it is. I always fill the hanging baskets on the front porch with pansy's and a lot of my other containers also in the fall.
Because of shopping earlier this year we haven't had a frost yet
so all of my containers are still full.
The other evening I asked the hubby take down the baskets
from the front porch and when I walked out yesterday morning
I found this wheelbarrow full of Coleus.
Don't they look pretty ?
How can I throw them out to make room for pansy's ....
I started looking for other places to put the new load of flowers thinking I would just go back and get more in a few weeks for the baskets & containers but even the beds looked full and pretty.
So I started tucking the pansy's in between the summer flowers in hopes that after that first frost the pansy's will be ready to take over to brighten up my life on those cold winter days.
Oh and I know what some of you are thinking cold winter days in Savannah ... HA !
It gets cold to me and that's all that matters ..... LOL

and yes I did toss the wheelbarrow load of coleus : (
isn't the black ones fabulous they are on my list for next year if my cuttings don't make it through the winter.


  1. I's have a hard time pitching those pretty coleus too! They looked pretty cool in the wheelbarrow!

  2. I keep looking at my Cosmos and thinking I really should dig them up but it will look so bare when they have gone

  3. I almost bought some coleus this year. They had some at Lowe's that really interesting foliage, full of color & texture. Yours look really nice in the wheelbarrow.

  4. Your temporary wheelbarrow of coleus looks great. Have your pansies muscled their way into the prime territory yet? It's funny how the expression to be a pansy is associated with wimpiness, when they are such tough plants.

  5. Oh, I could have never tossed those. Maybe that's something you do when you live places where it's warmer for longer stretches of time?? Here our growing season is short enough that I never toss anything before the frost kills it. They were beautiful and I see you had your first frost now anyway. Is that early for Savannah??

  6. Wow,what great pictures! The color combo of black and chartreuse coleus is FAHbulous, dahling! But i look forward to seeing the barrow full of pansies, too...


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