flip flop heaven ...

I have always thought of myself as the
flip flop queen so of course
I fell in love with the fencing
and the rosemary.


  1. Wow look at those shoes! That is great. I love shoes and really enjoy my shoe garden(-: That is really a great idea for a fence

  2. I don't know Cherry, I might have you beat in the flip-flop department. I'm addicted! I don't think I'd give up my flip flops to build a fence, couldn't part with them!

  3. How bizarre! I cant decide if I like it or loath it!

  4. Miss Cindee I knew I'd hear from you about this post ...LOL

    I thought of you time I saw all those shoes..

    Ms. Robin I feel your pain don't think I could use mine either... lol

    Come on patientgardener you have to like it remember it's at the beach ..

    I think this place is a rental maybe the shoes were left behind


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