a full shed

How does your garden shed look after a growing season ?

Mine looks like it could explode .. lol

Even the shelving inside have fallen through from the weight of junk piled on them.

Looks like this weekend
I will be cleaning it out and heading to the dump..

or maybe not ... cause this morning
Miss Lois and I are heading to the country to shop for fall plants ...

Woo hoo it's time for pansy, snap dragons and hopefully some new perennials.

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  1. I've just tidied my garden shed (garage really) and I must say yours looks much more attractive. It seems we both have too much junk!

  2. I love the rustic appeal of your garden shed Cherry. It has such charm. :)

  3. I'm still building mine. I'm going on the third year and no shed yet. I think yours looks loved and used. I did my fall planting a few weeks ago.

  4. You're so lucky to have a shed (and a cute one at that). I have to either store my things in the garage or haul them downstairs to the basement. Hope you found some great plants on your shopping trip.


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