What to do while it's cold outside

Good morning
hope everyone is feeling fantastic on this cold Wednesday 
and some sunshine is headed your way.

I have been trying to finish up some projects
but I keep getting side tracked.
I started this piece over a year ago,
framed it and hung it even though it wasn't finished. 
Well it's back on the easel and I'm liking how it's coming along

I also started messing around with
3 prints that I love in my kitchen.
I have painted the frames several times to freshen them up
 but once I hung my Farmers Market sign they just didn't work anymore..
It looks to busy..

So I decided to wrap the prints in a red ticking wallpaper
 that I picked up at a thrift store,
thinking I could keep the green frames which looked fine
apart but time they went together I knew the frames
 were in for at least one more paint job
and I'm thinking a little something above the sign is needed also..

So now they are a barn red and I'm liking it ..
I can honestly say at this point I really have no set plan
 as to what I'm going to do with them... 
I have a few ideas so maybe by the weekend 
I'll have something more to share.
So what are you up to, are you being crafty 
while it's cold or are you thumbing through
seed catalog's planning this years garden...

If you didn't see the post about my
 Farmers Market sign you can see it here..
it's 2 sided the other side is Christmas oh and this sign is over 7'
hugs everyone go have a fabulous, Cherry


  1. I am always impressed with the number of projects you have going on! I've got a sick kiddo at home this week so it hasn't been very productive for me. I was thrilled to get a blog post up! :) Stay warm my friend! (I don't like this cold weather!)

  2. I love the pictures Cherry. You must have gotten some inspiration from the cottages. :)
    The painting is so lovely. You are just one talented lady.

  3. I just vegged when it was so cold...glad to see you were able to be productive. Will be nice this week, time to get back outside.


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