Camellia's and is it really still January

Let me start out by saying it's plum hot this morning..
Yesterday I got a little tan while working in the yard,
 there is pollen everywhere and things are starting to bloom...

so much for winter and I guess these darn mosquitoes are here to stay

This morning I am sharing the rest of the Camellia's
from my trip out to the
Bamboo Farms and Coastal Gardens
 back before Christmas..

I think I need to make another trip to see what is in bloom now..

I know ya'll have heard me say it before...
 if you are close you should go see the farm while the
Camellia Trail is pretty special there so much more to see year around

pretty awesome

one of my favorites

this may be the only icicles we see this year
 which is way prettier than the real ones

have a wonderful week everyone
hugs, Cherry
 if you would like to see more about the farm
 or the trail you can click on the links below

The Southeastern Camellia's Society, Inc. Facebook page


  1. These are so pretty. I want to get a couple for my garden here in Texas. Crazy weather here, too Cherry. I don't trust it. Iam not taking the potted plants out until at least March. Feb. can do crazy things here-ice storms, freezing rains etc. Last night the wind blew so hard it was amazing. Thanks for posting these! hugs from Texas Carol

  2. They are beautiful..Can't get enough of dainty..

  3. I like how you did a collage for each, bloom, name and full view. Wonderful reference.
    Amazing weather we have been having.

  4. Camellias are so beautiful, wish they were hardier!


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