From Pinterest ~ Grandma Yearwood's Cake and No Fail Divinity

Good morning would you like a piece of cake ..
It's yummy, well actually it was yummy cause it's gone...

I saw this cake on Pinterest and then saw Trisha Yearwood's show
 with her baking it and knew I wanted to try it.
After reading the reviews on The Food Network's site 
I started not too but I'm so glad I did. 
If you like the texture of a coffee cake you will love it.
 Personally I think this cake could be changed 
up to be any flavor you wanted.

I know what you are thinking .. It's drowning in glaze 
and you are right my niece Shelby was here Sunday
 She glazed it by starting with filling up the center, 
then she filled up the 
I did not have any coconut so officially this isn't a coconut cake
 and I used walnuts instead of the pecans 
which is what I meant by changing it up.. 
You can see on the top of the cake excess flour this is because the reviews
 said it was hard to get out of the pan so I over buttered and floured 
won't do that next time it would have been fine.
Here's the recipe
one more thing this recipe shows a pack of coconut
 for the cake and another pack for the glaze
 but during the show Trisha only uses one pack of Coconut
 she puts half of the pack of coconut in the cake
 and the other half in the glaze. Which is what I will try next time.

This Never Fail Divinity by Deep South Dish  is another recipe I saw on Pinterest before Christmas and had planned on trying but ran out of time so I made it after the first. 
I'm warning you this is a very dangerous recipe... 
It's been a long time since I have made or even had a piece of divinity
 it used to be something we made every year at 
Christmas time as kids with daddy
 I had my doubts but went ahead with it. 
I had left over chopped pecans from my Christmas baking 
so I throw them in the mix instead of doing the single pecan half on top.. 
I'm going to make a huge confession here... 
Girlfriends that are reading this you must never ever bring this up 
I do not want to hear how bad this was .... 
Cause I know how bad it was... but baby it was so, so, good...
Not one soul even knew it was made or in this house...
This stuff was not what I remember as 
traditional divinity from my childhood 
but it brought back so many memories
 of traveling home to my grandmothers
 from where ever daddy would be stationed.. 
Do you remember Stuckey's 
it was a filling station / pecan stand / souvenir shop 
and their pecan confections were what I would dream
 of every time I knew we were heading south. 
I would beg daddy to stop and I knew where every Stuckey's was from
Scott Air Force Base near Belleville, Illinois to Jacksonville Florida
 and this was before there was interstate folks...
Thinking back now he would have stopped without the begging 
because he loved them too. 

I did not know it but Stuckey's still makes
 these goodies and you can order them on line 
but if you don't want to order them then give this recipe a try
 to me it tasted just like what I remember..
 like pure heaven or maybe I was on such a sugar high
 that my taste buds were 
I will be making this again but not anytime soon
 and I will make sure I get most of it
 out of this house as quickly as possible
 because once I started eating it I could not stop myself...

Now go eat something sweet and have a Sugarhigh kinda day....
hugs ya'll , Cherry


  1. These recipes do look delicious, Cherry! Just the thing for coffee with some friends.


  2. That cake looks moist and tasty. Isn't Pinterest a lot of fun? Oh the things one can find!!!

  3. O Lordy, Lordy! That looks good, I will have to try this. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW where do you buy your chalk paint. Is there a place in Savannah that sells it?
    Love to all, Ginger


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