Well hello July it's Flaunt your flowers Friday

which means it time to show off what cha got blooming ... so here we go !

My new favorite Ruellia elegans
this plant has not stopped blooming or growing

there is still a few daylilies blooming

Ruellia elegans
again ...

Hidalgo Sage ? I think I was told when I bought this plant that it was Hildalgo Sage
 but from the little bit of info I can find I don't think so.
The leaves are big and really pretty with some hot pink in the veining and stems. 
The flower is not much to look at but fun to watch open.

The hibiscus are still showing off.

all that's left of the daylilies in the back beds.. boohoo I hate to see them finish up for the season.

Ruellia elegans
again and again and again ..love it !

Split Second Morning Glory

The Miss April Cockscomb that's not really the name of it but it is what I named the pink one because my girlfriend April and I were at a yard sale years ago and the home had the most beautiful Cockscombs I had ever seen. They get huge in height and the flower gets as wide as my hand .. I of course wanted some but wouldn't ask not Miss April she marched right up to the gentleman and started talking before I knew she had a bag full so in honor of my very special fearless girlfriend this will always be the Miss April.. as for the white ones I have no idea where they came from. I did not plant them nor have I ever even seen white ones but I can tell ya I'm loving them and will be saving every seed.. I will share more pictures of these they still have a lot of growing yet to do..

Swamp Hibiscus
these things are about 7 ft tall I have got to move them before next spring .

That's it for this Friday Ya'll Come join the PARTY

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend be safe...
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Your blooms are just gorgeous!!! So jealous of your hibiscus, so tropical and summery (and the drink that screams cocktails by a pool!)...just beautiful! Cheers Julia

  2. Such lovely hibiscus and flowers must be flaunted!

  3. Added your blog site to my blog roll. Hope that's OK.

  4. I like the cockscomb just because it is so unique! Great texture for a flowerbed! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your long weekend.

  5. Lovely blooms! The cockscomb is so pretty. Have a happy 4th!

  6. So many pretty lilies Cherry.I am in love with the hibiscus blooms though. That pink one is just gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden photos. The pale pink hibiscus is my favorite. Our hibiscus are not blooming yet. We have three in different shades of dark pink. They are a beautiful flower. Our daylilies are in peak bloom right now (s. IL). It's so much fun to walk through the garden, enjoying all the color. ~~Rhonda


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