Saturday Farmers Market in Statesboro, Ga

isn't the lady with the laundry basket on wheels adorable. She is a local and comes to the market often so she put the basket together to make it easier to get everything she wanted. She had a watermelon in the bottom and was on her way to filling the rest of it with fresh goodies. If you are anywhere near Statesboro and haven't checked out your local farmers market you are missing out on a true gem.. I was in awe and wish I lived close enough to go every Saturday morning. Everyone is super friendly, they have live entertainment, BBQ grills pouring out the most wonderful smells and lots of great fruits and veggies to sample.

There is several Organic farmers there like Walkers Organic Farms which have the sweetest Canary melons I have ever tasted and the coolest looking carrots.

A booth about saving heirloom seeds and gardening

and then my favorite booth of all was Miss Jill of Petal Pusher Farms from Vidalia, Georgia not only was her Zinnia's some of the prettiest I had ever seen she was such a sweetheart telling me all about her planting 3 acres of zinnia's.... Can you image how beautiful it would be to see 3 acres of zinnia's every day... I hate that I waited to take pictures of her booth it was so full when I first got to the market. It was glowing with every color imaginable. Within the hour that I was at the market she sold almost everything.. I had to have one of her really cute Tee shirts.

The Tee says ~ " Sharing a piece of God's beauty ...
" Perfect

There is a whole lot more to this market ~ A Dairy farmer, local honey, a cattle farmer, organic eggs, handmade crafts a wonderful local baker who had an 8 ft table full of goodies one minute and the next it was wiped out .. I was so busy shopping that I didn't take many pictures. Go early and buy what you want when you see it or it will be gone .

Also Walker Organic Farms is at the Forsyth park farmers market in downtown Savannah on Saturday morning so if you can't make it to Statesboro head on downtown...
you have to try the Canary melon.

hugs from Savannah and happy weekend everyone, Cherry


  1. She should patent that laundry basket on wheels! What a great place and love the Tee.

  2. This market looks like so much fun! Much bigger than any of our local markets, I would love to venture south for it! I've had an idea brewing for a long time and your post has inspired to get working on it! Thanks so much!

  3. What a fun place to shop at Cherry.My eye went right to the watermelon. Yummy. A cold slice would be good on this hot day.

  4. What a wonderful farmers market! And that basket on wheels is a great idea! Those zinnias are so pretty! Who could resist them?

  5. Cherry, Thanks for the comment on madebymolliesmom.blogspot a few days ago!! I had to laugh because I painted the lighthouse to go with the VBS book but the whole time I was thinking I wanted to paint the Tybee Light daymark!! We visit Tybee often and before my daughter started college we spent had a time share at Tybrisa and spent 2-3 weeks a year there!! Everyone kept syaing all week that they were surprised it didn't look like Tybee light - ha. I'm loving your blog - I love Savannah and gardening!! marcie@madebymolliesmom.blogspot

  6. Oh, wow! Seems like a fun place

  7. So glad I found your page! You have just emboldened me to buy some Annie Sloan paint from Catfish after seeing how beautifully your furniture turned out - AND that you overcame the cracking obstacle. I used to live in Statesboro, so this post was great! I'm on the other side of Georgia now, where it is just as hot.


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