My Week 2 of Summer in snapshots 2011

For the first time in a long time we had a slow steady all night rain.

and the next morning everything looked so bright and fresh. Aren't my rockers pretty... I mixed Annie Sloans ~ Aubusson Blue and Antibes Green chalk paint till I got just the color I wanted.. Perfect.

This pic is hubby's contribution ~ I was picking tomatoes and when I came back in the house hubby had added the beers, the bacon and had taken yum, yum BLT's with fresh picked tomato's

Saturday was sweet Miss Abbigail's 3rd birthday party it was so much fun getting to play with the babies and to spend time with family & friends. Thank you Kay & Denny for sharing your home with us and thank you to my beautiful niece Jessica for taking pictures while I played.  
Happy Birthday Abbi aunt Cherry loves you with all her heart..

such is the life !

fresh peaches quickly turned into a cobbler that I ate way to much of... The peaches came from a little community in Bulloch county, GA named Hopeulikit pronounced ( Hope you like it ) ...

So I'm at the Farmers market with Miss Lois and she walks up to a gentleman selling peaches and ask ~ are these peaches from around here ? The gentleman reply's yes ma'am Hopeulikit and Miss Lois says ~ 

will I ain't never seen a peach I didn't like ! ... 

insert .... me and the gentleman in a fit of giggles and Miss Lois looking at us like we have lost our minds.. She meant that thing !! and I'm still giggling.. lol

This is what downtown Savannah looked like yesterday around noon. The hubby and I rode the bike over to Bluffton, S.C. for breakfast ( way cool ) and as we were coming back over the Talmadge bridge the entire city was covered in smoke from all the wildfires it was yucky...

So there you have it week 2 of our Summer 2011.
Thank you so much Miss Amber for throwing this weekly party now come on everyone and join us over at The Starfish Blog for some summer fun..
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. You are certainly having a great summer. Congrats on the rainfall. My husband always includes beer! Your neice is adorable and Miss Lois is a hoot.

  2. What a wonderful summer you are having in GA! I love the color of paint you created too, that is so funny I do the exact same thing to get just the right color! Enjoy many more perfect summer days to come...Cheers =)

  3. LOL! I think the beer, bacon and tomatoes was a huge hint there Cherry. LOL! Your rockers are so pretty on the porch. Great paint job. Cats can just sleep any where. LOL! How cute.

  4. the added beer cans made me laugh. what must our husbands think of all our blogging and picture taking! :) good to see yours has a sense of hmor about it!! :)

  5. Love the patio or porch! What a relaxing spot! Happy Wednesday!

  6. You are more than welcome for taking the photos at the party :)

    Grandma is a hoot and I so enjoyed going to the farmers market with ya'll... Well I guess you went with me beings how it was my!

    I am so falling in love with that kitten :)
    I think I will have BLT's and Beer for supper tonight too! Maybe a few cucumbers in vinegar too! Love ya, Jess

  7. A night rain sounds awesome!! And I love that your hubster stole the camera, LOL!! Thanks so much for linking up! xoxo Amber

  8. LOVE the nighttime rainfall and that sweet little kitty cat. So glad I stopped by from Amber's! Have a great weekend.

  9. Your porch must be the loveliest place! Looks like you're having a good week so far. :)



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