My Week 5 of Summer in snapshots 2011

Happy Wednesday ya'll ~ It's time to share some of those summer snapshots from the past week with Miss Amber and friends over at The Starfish Blog and while you are there make sure you checkout Amber's amazing jewelery line I would so wear any and every piece she has design ..

Wednesday morning trying to start the morning out being good.. Have ya'll tried Silk's Pure Almond DARK CHOCOLATE yet? If you haven't run to the store and get ya some it is awesome ... My smoothie was 1/2 of a banana, a few frozen strawberries, plain fat free greek yogurt and Dk. chocolate Silk all blended together then topped with ground Flax seeds .. yummmmy this tasted just like the bottom of a banana split. You know what I'm talking about, when everything has melted together and you have the bowl turned up trying to suck down the very last drop.. yeah it's that

This past week has been nice and quite even had a little time to do a couple little projects. Like putting together a simple wreath using an old grape vine and pieces of driftwood that I picked up last week while at Tybee.

Friday I put together some different flavors of Simple syrup.~ Lemon verbena, Colonial mint, peach, basil then I made ice cubes out of it. I love having these in the freezer I add them to unsweet iced tea, hot teas, lemon aid and mixed drinks.

Saturday afternoon... I grabbed the newest Dorothea Benton Frank book Folly Beach my towel a glass of lemon aid with a few peach cubes & a splash of vodka and in my pool chair I floated the afternoon away.. If you have never read one of Dot Frank's book pick up Sullivans Island while you are out getting the dk. chocolate milk you will love it..

have to have our Sunday naps

Monday a late afternoon ride on the bike lead us to a dock where we watched people crabbing and fishing.

and yesterday I started turning a yard sale Christmas sign a little beachy

Thank you so much for stopping by and a big thank you to Miss Amber for throwing this weekly summer party .. I sure hope ya'll are enjoying it as much as I am.. Come on join the fun over at The Starfish Blog with me.

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Oh, wish we were able to spend so much time near the water! Going from LA Girl to Rural Inland Girl is not always easy. ;) -Teresa

  2. How was Dot's newest book? You know I saw her last year at a book reading in St. Louis. Love your ice cubes, saw a tip for freezing leftover wine in the ice cube trays...What? Leftover wine...who does that? ;)

    Glad you are having a good summer gf, you so deserve it.


  3. You know how to enjoy summer that's for sure! Where's the photo of you floating the afternoon away, :)

  4. Holy cow. What a fabulous week!!!! I am running to the store this weekend and getting the dark chocolate milk for our morning shakes!!! YUM.
    How do you make your simple syrups?

  5. Cherry, that's a book of hers that I haven't read yet. Love her books..Pawley's Island is on my list of places I'd love to go sometime. Have her book Sullivan's Island, and Isle of Palms that I purchased at Used book store, but the others I borrowed from the library to read. I grew up in Wilmington, NC area and my friend in Calabash said the next time we came down, she'd take us there. Said it is neat and good seafood!


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