Week 1 ~ Summer in snapshots 2011

This summer Amber over at The Starfish Blog is having a party every Wednesday called Summer in snapshots 2011 .. When I read about it last week I knew immediately I wanted to join in. So here we go..
My first week of summer..

No one got in the pool.. hubby was sick, momma was sick and Cherry was worn out.. We love our little pool and are in it every evening it's our time together to chill out and leave our worries behind ...

The Split Second morning glories have finally started blooming. I have to say I am disappointed with them though the blooms are much smaller than I was expecting and don't really open up much.. do you see the heart shaped leaf and the heart in my swing ? I didn't till I uploaded the pictures..

Rain, Woohoo Rain We started getting some afternoon/ evening showers and the highs have been staying in the 90's instead of 100 plus.

Saturday morning we jumped on the scooter and took off to Glennville, Georgia which is where my daddy and the hubby's grandparents are buried. It's a little country town with lots of farm land and fishing ponds. They are known for growing them yummy sweet Vidalia onions we all love to eat. We stopped at Harry's Bar-B-Q for lunch then headed back to Savannah..
Riding the scooter is our new favorite thing to do, it makes you so much more aware of all the beauty around you. We are seeing things we had never noticed before and the smells ~ fresh cut fields, hay drying in the sun, honeysuckle, jasmine, cows, OK that wasn't so pleasant but it did make me notice the beautiful fields filled with horses, cows, and goats ... Now if I could just figure out how to take pictures while zipping down the road.. We did about 170 mile round trip and the
beehind was feeling every mile of it by the time we got home..lol

holy smack a roo I couldn't tell you the last time I slept this late

isn't she lovely .... made from love in my best Steve Wonder voice ! and oh so tasty

and of course we have to get in a little napping during the summertime..

Summer always goes by too quick it will be fun to have pictures to look back on even those simple we really did nothing kinda day's.. Come checkout the party better yet get out your camera start taking pictures and join us next week ..

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Beautiful pictures! I enjoyed seeing a peak into your Summer :)

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better now...summer can be so much fun!

  3. Hi Cherry! I love the photos and I think it would be so lovely to have a pool in the backyard to relax at the end of the day. I know what you mean about noticing more when you are on a bike...it's good to get out of the car every once in awhile. Thanks so much for linking up!! xoxo Amber

  4. Cherry your summer photos are great. Summer hasn't arrived here yet, and I am wishing it would get a move on.

  5. really beautiful photos--i especially like the one with the morning glory (and the hearts). thanks for the sweet comment and so glad i found your blog!


  6. Glennville..my Daddy had a cousin that lived in Glennville. I found out where they area buried but wished Daddy was alive so I could show him the pictures of their tombstones.

  7. I wish I'd seen your post in time, but the linky party is closed now. I'll just have to enjoy your summer pics! Mmmm, that tomato looks delish and that empty pool looks so inviting!

    I just received Annie Sloan's Robins Blue Egg, Red, and clear wax in the mail, can't wait to get that iron bed painted.

    Love ya,



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