My Week 4 of Summer in snapshots 2011

Happy Wednesday ya'll ~ It's time to share some of those summer snapshots from the past week.. I love doing this. I have enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures and hearing how they are spending the summer. This past week was really nice the humidity was down which made it more enjoyable to be outside.

Wednesday I got a nice surprise my Guild Grape ( the gold one ) has shown back up. I planted my little window box with the gold & the blue Torenia and almost immediately the gold died. I love the little wishbone in the center of the flower... makes me want to pull it apart and make lots of

This was what the entire day was like on Thursday. Everything I touched went to crap! This is what it looks like when you drop the sour cream carton upside down .. ugggg .. Thank goodness it was only 1/4 full.

I think this guy has on his fall colors.. He looks like he is ready for some Georgia football !

Saturday I finished up the table (well I might scuff up the legs a little) I used Annie Sloans Scandinavian Pink to start with but it turned out to be to much pink. This table and chairs is being used on the back porch and the walls are painted almost the exact same color as the Scandinavian Pink so I mixed up Versailles and Antibes Green then fell in love. It is a perfect soft green . I'm not finished with the chairs yet and it has done got hot again around here so maybe one day ..

Sunday morning hubby looks out and sees this guy asleep in the bird feeder. I don't remember ever having a kitten get into so many different places to sleep and of course he couldn't figure out how to get

Monday ahhhhhhh Monday's ... The hubby has decided to take Monday's off for the rest of the summer so we made a pack that we are going to spend them doing whatever we want to do

So to the beach we headed where we did nothing but people watch and splash around a little in the cool saltwater .. then we came home grabbed a few beers, a glass of wine and climbed in the swimming pool .. Monday's = Ahhhh

Tuesday Mr turtle gave me the scare of my life. I was watering tomato's and looked down to see his ugly self looking up at me I couldn't get my bare feet into a pair of shoes quick enough some of those tomatoes were right at my toes and he could have cared less he just kept on chomping..

I tossed him some bell pepper pieces and he worked on them till there was almost nothing left but stem and seeds.. I love having turtles in yard but I truly think they are super uglyyy.. Maddie look aunt Cherry has live turtles too!

Thank you so much Miss Amber for throwing this weekly party it has made me open my eyes everyday in search of something to share .. Hope ya'll are enjoying it too... Come on join us over at The Starfish Blog for some summer fun..

hugs from Savannah ya'll let's make it a great day, Cherry


  1. Loved your week in pictures!! Your table is lovely!

  2. Wow, what a week! I love Savannah, by the way,--my Mom's hometown :)

  3. The wishbone is so delicate, what a lovely flower, and that Cardinal looks rather grumpy! What a nice treat, Monday's together at the beach! And that "ugly self" turtle sure appreciated that bell pepper. So wish I lived in your neck of the woods gf. My friends daughter will be attending a graduate program at Savannah School of the Arts, she made a good choice!

  4. Hi Cherry!! I loooove the table!! Awesome job! I think I would have had a heart attack if I looked down to spot a turtle in the garden!! And, I like your idea about Mondays!! Let's all boycott them!! xoxo Amber

  5. You have an interesting blog and this turtle post is one of my favorites.


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