Don't ya love to bring flowers in the house to enjoy

I love to cut flowers and herbs and bring them inside to enjoy.. When I'm outside first thing in the mornings I always pick a few herbs and scented geraniums to tuck behind my ear.
Not only do they smell wonderful they make me feel pretty while I'm roaming around in my pj's...
They also help keep some of those flying pest
 away while I work..

The only problem I have with bring flowers inside is my kitties like them also. The other morning we got up and had a hallway full of hydrangea pieces.. Hubby thought it was cute, I thought... Well we won't say ya'll might report me for kitty abuse...

My new favorite Sundown coneflowers, Rosemary, Sage, Basil, Rose scented geranium and Orange Fizz geranium. Which is my favorite of the scented geraniums.
All tucked in together make for a sweet and spicy bouquet.

and if I hide it up high enough I get to enjoy it...

Miss willow has fallen again we had a freak storm Sunday night and over she went.
 It is just to wet back there for her shallow roots.
It is low ground and all the run off water runs straight to her.
I am going to take some cutting to root and let her go.

The gate got a little patriotic lift and my white hibiscus has started blooming so even with the sadness of losing my willow there is lots of other pretties to enjoy..
I hope each of you have a wonderful 4th of July be safe, stay cool and have lots of fun....
hugs, Cherry


  1. Sorry about the Willow..They love that environment though...Your pictures are beautiful..clean, crisp..Gorgeous arrangement..

  2. When my cat Sam was still around he used to love investigating flowers and plants. Curious creatures. :)

  3. Beautiful bouquet and I love the sundown cone flowers. Too bad about your willow tree. I had to see beautiful trees go down. Have a wonderful 4th.

  4. Love your beatiful photos.

    I have never heard of fizzy orange geranium
    but it sounds amazing and next time I go to
    the garden centre I will ask about it!

    Your sundown cone flowers are so pretty
    and I really like the way you have arranged your
    flowers in the vase.

    Happy Tuesday

    x Fiona (in a wet sodden Irish garden)!

  5. I never thought to put herbs in a vase with cut flowers but I love it! Sad to see your willow blown over. We haven't gotten any rain since May and the garden is not happy. Love the July 4th wreath and of course the hibiscus!

  6. It's so sad to lose a big tree, especially one as pretty as a willow - but it can open up other possibilities for the garden. Good luck with it!

  7. nice post your sharing here thanks looking for to visit more...blessings

  8. I wonder how long before the kittens are clambering up there to play with your lovely arrangement?


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