it's Friday the 13th Proceed with Caution

What I am sharing today should not even see the light of day let alone be put out on the World Wide Web to haunt me for the rest of my life ... This my friends is my upstairs ...

Over the years this room has had everything from a pool table and bar to treadmills and weight machines
lastly it was my craft room 

Now day's it is just one big giant scary mess 
or is it a bunch of craft projects waiting to happen ?? 
Actually it's both.....
 including the cat food, granola boxes
 and the toilet paper rolls....

this room became a dumping ground after we disassembled the extra bedroom to make hubby an office.
The kittens discovered it months ago and it was like little demons had taken over ...
They have torn through every box and bag up there .. They have run through the shelves knocking down everything that would move... I have picked this room up several times in the last few months even paid my niece Shelby to clean it...
Not that you can tell it right now....
They have brought things downstairs that I didn't even know was up there.. and if it rolled all the better .
They kept sending these little green plastic balls
 down the stairs ...
tink, tink, tink...  I kept picking them up and throwing them away. For weeks tink, tink, tink... They didn't look like anything so in the trash they went... 
Well I had to go up to the scary room for something and the floor was covered with silk orchids and everyone of them were missing the little green buds from the top of the stems ..
Opps so that's what I was throwing away ..
So that's when I decided I had to get up there and do some serious cleaning ..

and even though this scary little girl lives up there and every time I go up she is sticking her tongue out at me
 I have to be brave and get it done...

Exactly what do you do with a million cassette tapes from the 70's and 80's wait the 70's was 8 tracks and yep I still have some of them also...

~ ~ ~
Happy Friday the 13th ya'll ... Now I know a lot of folks are superstitious and I have my own little quarks but 13 is my lucky number and Friday the 13th's have always been good to me so maybe, just maybe it will help me get this done today ... If not at least I will have fun jamming out
Hope each of you have a wonderful weekend and maybe by the first of the week I will have a craft room again.. And the only reason I shared any of this with ya'll
was to embarrass myself  into getting it done...
If I don't share a follow up post next week send help cause I'm either still up there or went in the yard again and said the hell with it .... again.

hugs, love and Rock and Roll ya'll, Cherry


  1. Well it is definitely a space that you are lucky to have. :)

  2. Chin up I got a room just like that and I am not cleaning it.

  3. I've been avoiding my basement. I think the thought of clearing it out is probably scarier than actually doing it! Perhaps I should tackle it as you tackle your room. :)

  4. I had to laugh as my basement was looking like that. Then I had 4 inches of water after a rainstorm so had to clean out all the went stuff. It's looking better but I still don't have it organized yet.
    As for Friday the 13th, it is my lucky day as I was born on a Friday the 13th.

  5. What a fun room..Glad it's not mine...Can't even imagine having to tackle that..I just threw out my tapes after having a few favorites put on a CD..but the quality /sound is not all that great...If you haven't seen/used it in the past 3 years...pitch it!!! Easy for me to say :)

  6. I think its funny about the kitties playing in there. Kept them busy and out of the way. I hope you put that little girl in the corner for acting ugly and sticking out her tounge at you! Show us after pix. Hugs Carol

  7. I feel for you, I recently had to clean out our catch-all space to make into guest bedrooms! Not fun, but am so happy it's done! I have a box of VHS tapes - we can get together for music and movies,Ha!

  8. I think everyone has scary space like that ! We have even more than one... one closet ... well we do not open it LOL!


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