Welcome to paradise in the middle of downtown Savannah, GA

We knew we were in for a treat when we saw the front entrance but we had know idea....

The lot was huge, lush, and incredible

The homeowners were super fun.. They told stories about all the hard work and had a photo album filled with the progress of the gardens over the years.. They shared a really cute story about the pimp daddy and his ladies that occupied one of the homes around them when they first moved in .. 
Let's just say Miss homeowner cleaned up her neighborhood by providing some early morning music with some pots and pans ....  You go girl !!

We could have stayed here forever...

Remember the tour was early spring. I bet these pots are beautiful by now. 

see the opening that they are standing in..

it lead to this beautiful spot 

See how lush ...

and then we had to leave... boo hoo
I said yesterday that I would also be sharing Miss mermaids garden but I didn't realize how many pictures I wanted to share of this beautiful home so will do her another day

I handed this to my girl when I walked in she looked at it for 2 seconds and started chopping ..lol I was scared for about 2 seconds but hey it's just hair and I love my hairdresser so I went with it.. It turned out cute, close to Kim's far bottom right but highlights instead of blond ... 

hugs and happy Thursday everyone, Cherry


  1. What an incredible property! I think I could hang out there...forever! I bet your new haircut is super cute and feels great in the heat! Isn't it great when you have a hairdresser you trust to just go with it!!!

  2. I wouldn't have wanted to leave that garden either! Will we see your new haircut? :)

  3. Love all the pictures of the gardens. I want to see the haircut!

  4. Cherry, was this on the NOGS Hidden Gardens of Savannah tour?

    1. yes it was.. did you get my message about the 28th ?

  5. What a lovely garden, thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, That is beautiful. One never knows what is beyond those walls. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see you next week. Hugs, Ginger

    1. I know there is so much about Savannah that I don't know and I have lived here for most of my life.. I'm looking forward to some shopping time with the girls can't wait to see you too.. hugs, Cherry

  7. Ya'll want to see the haircut hummm well maybe next Saturday while I'm thrift/treasure hunting with Miss Ginger aka Savannah Granny and gang we'll get some group pictures to share..


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