Some more from the spring garden tour

Well hello ya'll the upstairs is CLEAN ...but it still needs to be organized so I have been working on it a little bit at a time but in the mean time I changed my browser from Firefox to Chrome and in the process of cleaning out I remembered I never finished sharing the garden tour... So here we go.. again

The front of this cottage was adorable. Simple but perfect... I had never thought of keeping confederate jasmine cut low like a small scrub. When I got home I planted the one that daddy had rooted for me right next to the front porch I think I will let a little bit of it climb and the rest keep low ..

we entered the back courtyard on the side of the house I loved the stucco walkway see the oyster shells

A big spider web in the tree that was cool

it wasn't a big court yard but it had a lot of vines and textures to make it quaint it was also full of people so I didn't get a shot of the entire thing sorry..  

This was a very nice small side yard.. love the walkway basically top right picture is the entire garden.

I want to lean more about Verde Talinum
 it looked like a cool plant.

Tomorrow we are going inside this elegant garden

and we will be visiting Miss mermaid thingy's garden..  
Have a great day everyone I'm off to get a summer bob and some highlights maybe I will come out looking as cute a
hugs and lots of love, Cherry


  1. Wow! So very beautiful! I need some of those touches in my flowers.

  2. Ilove garden tours, thanks for taking me along on this one. I LOVE that spiderweb-was it homemade? I would love to find one of those.

    1. I think the web was made by an artist that was here for a show a few years ago. I have one that is similar but smaller and they look like the the same work.

  3. I wish I had been able to visit some of the gardens tucked away on my trip to Savannah. Thanks for giving me a look from here. Have fun with your summer hair!

  4. Congrats on getting the upstairs cleaned up! Thanks for sharing these beautiful gardens. I have been studying up on "Savannah Style" gardens and this helps me alot to see all the elements. Hugs Carol

  5. Thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures of the gardens. I love the front of that cottage and that big spiderweb is fantastic.

  6. Hi Cherry. I love that cottage garden. The Jasmine looks so pretty cut back like that. And the brick garden.There was a lot of work into that one. So lovely.

  7. I remember these courtyards in Charleston..Just lovely


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