Is it really the end of June already ?

Good Morning everyone, I just can't believe we are in the last few days of June. The weather here still feels like spring time. No complaints .....  It's been great for me since I got a late start on all my summer projects and it's also why ya'll haven't been hearing much from me. I have been planting, weeding, painting, weeding, eating, weeding, playing, weeding, pruning and more weeding and I'm sure after all this fabulous rain
I will be weeding some more ...
It's raining again this morning and I have nothing else to plant so I thought I could either clean house or share some of the fun stuff I have been up to with all of you..
I love ya'll so much more
 than cleaning house so here we go 

A new wreath for the front porch made from twigs and vines from around the yard, a cute little metal sign from my girlfriend April. A found nest with some little wooded eggs and my pink Pocketful of posies sign I painted.
I started laughing when I looked at this picture the entire time I was painting the sign I was singing
" Ring around the rosy " well I painted it just like I sing it.. instead if pocket full  I have ran it together pocketful..
Oh well can we call it a Southern thang ...

moved some yard sale treasure to the front porch.. 
looking at this picture..
 I think I might better move my iron gingerbread pieces back to the back if I want to keep them. I would hate to have to hurt someone if I saw them at their house... lol

The swing has gone from Paris Grey to Benjamin Moore's  Southern Comfort Which is my favorite pink.
It has just enough brown in it to make it more grown up looking than most pinks...
Hung my new sign the hubby and I made. It's out of old pickets fence pieces but we sawed off the " pickets " because it was so big it looked like a billboard from the road..

eating lots of cherry tomatoes

A wreath for the gate.. actually after all this rain she needs a little TLC

the bird bath went from black to a rain washed pinky white. I painted this dang thing white first, didn't like it so I painted it a blue/green .. hated it ..So then I added some of my favorite pink to the white, painted it, loved it.. Well lo and behold it started raining the next thing I knew the paint was sliding right off of So heck with it I planted the Sedum and called it done.. looking at this picture I think I need to plant some more Sedums in the oyster shells...

my guilty pleasure this weekend

with the rain comes the morning glories and ferns up through the deck boards and my second planting of cucumbers are starting to flower ..
We have been enjoyed some really sweet corn ..
I'll tell ya'll a secret if you promise not to tell..
My computer screen has spots of corn goodness on it... 
You know when you bite into the kernel and it shoots the person across the table from ya .. Well I was trying to enjoy a piece and play on Facebook last night and well ...

and saving the best for last ~ I have found some great perennials for a little bit of nothing at a few different nurseries some were only a buck .. and yesterday while it rained I planted all of them.. I love planting in the rain does that make me goofy ????

10 minutes after I finished hanging my sign on the front porch a gentleman stopped by and asked could he have some hibiscus seeds ... I told him I could do him one better I had a few small plants that I had started but had not sat out yet.. Once he was gone I though hum might better take that sign down ... Nope I love it...
Whoa ya this post is so long it's time to eat again ... where's my dental floss I'm having more corn for lunch..
hugs and happy last week of June everyone, Cherry

and for the few that might want to know why Beverly Farms instead of Cherry's because it is the original name of our property as indicated on our property deed and the word Farm is just cool looking on signs..


  1. You have been busy, Cherry. I can relate to the weeding; I'm picking them out from the patio stones and it's starting to look so much nicer! I love your projects.

  2. Loving all the projects you have been doing. You really have been busy. Seeing all that great looking food is making me hungry and I just had lunch.
    Have a good rest of June.

  3. Hi Cherry,

    Well well you have been a busy bee!

    Love all your wonderful projects expecially the twig wreath for the door - wonderful.

    Lucky you to get your perennials at a good price
    and to have them planted already!

    Have a good week.

    Fiona x

  4. Love your style, what fun projects. RE your comment on missing out on Walker's Low catmint - keep an eye out for it again! It really is an amazing plant. We planted a bunch of it at my church's nearby temple and lots of visitors ask me what it is. It's so eye catching. It's been blooming since late May and is about due for a haircut to deadhead, then it will quickly start blooming again until frost. The only drawback is how many bees it attracts, especially the huge bumblebees, which I think are fun but which might be scary for someone allergic to them.

  5. I love your decorating style with the wreaths and the front porch shelf.

  6. Life sounds pretty good in your part of the world at the moment, it is lovely to read your enthusiasm for your garden.

  7. You have a beautiful blog! I love the flowers, especially the sunflowers from the previous post. I planted 2 packets of seeds and the birds got to most of them! I have a few still coming up slowly! Enjoy your day.

  8. Cherry, how do you come up with so many unique things to show us and write about? When I see your email pop up on my computer, I know I'm in for a treat and many smiles. Your blogspot brings such joy in my life. You are indeed one talented and gifted gal! About the Beverly Farms sign..I love it..I didn't catch where the sign was hung but maybe hang it somewhere else if it causes confusion or unwanted visitors/strangers..Did you know the man that wanted to buy some hibiscus seeds? He must know something about the hibiscus plant to ask for seeds. Where does one gather the seeds from the hibiscus plant? I used to have a Lady Baltimore and it was so pretty and hugh..It was blooming the day of our daughter's wedding reception that she wanted in our back yard 1989..a lot of people wanted to know what that beautiful red flower was. I don't remember if we still had it when we moved 7 yrs. ago or not. I've been looking at them at my local garden center and thinking about getting another one but don't know where I'd put it.

  9. Love the birds nests and the wreath..Lovely look..We seem to enjoy similar styles..

  10. You have been busy. Your projects are so pretty. I love your pale pink planter now.When you were talking about the paint running I thought well it did all over the ground around it. That is until you said it was oyster shells. LOL! I am so silly. Your wreaths are so sweet. I guess people are stealing copper and iron down your way too. Enjoy your corn it looks yummy Cherry.

  11. I just love your garden. You have so many different kinds of unique things and you are always doing something neat. Love ya girl, stay cool. Ginger:)

  12. :) love your garden! we lived in Savannah about 5 years ago when hubby was stationed in Hunter :) I miss it I loved it

  13. Really love these pieces! Love old things set up in new ways and you have definitely done that with your garden. Great finds!


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