Dear Fay please take your rains & go away !!

We have had the wettest summer I can ever remember the flowerbeds are to the point of no return they are full of grass and weeds some of the weeds are as tall as I am.

I have lost so many plants this summer, the poor little things are drowning..
I have water standing in places that have never held water, the smell of rotten earth hits you time you walk out the doors. I have dug up and potted some things in hopes of saving them.

As you can see from the pictures everything is a mess.

I sit here waiting on the sun in hopes that it will come soon enough to have a fall garden all of my pansy & cabbage seeds have washed away even my back up dear old mom's seeds have floated away ..

Oh well .. with all this rain we have a full lawn, in the 20 some odd years we have been here we have never had a full lawn in August. We not only have a full lawn we have a beautiful green lawn but since I could careless about a beautiful green lawn please send me sunshine hot August sunshine ...


  1. I hope the sun returns for you soon too Cherry. I wish there was some way to spread all that moisture around, there are some parts of the country that are bone dry. It seems like "feast or famine" doesn't it?

  2. We here in Ohio are some of the ones who are bone dry and wish we could have shared some of your rain so you would not have had so much.Hope it is past you now.

  3. Hi Cherry...You have my sympathy with all the rain..we've had a couple of summers here like that. Now this year is the exact opposite for us...bone dry and a brown lawn. I'll trade you one full day of rain for one hot August day of sunshine! Deal?!


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