my new little nook

We added lattice to the walk & a little deck area attaching the carport to the back porch.
I love the way it turned out now if I can just get something to run up it.

I have planted a few things a Pandora Vine some morning glories and a beautiful jasmine that I need to look up it's name it blooms all summer and smells wonderful but with all the rain we have been having the Pandora is struggling as is many things in the garden everything is either sitting still, rotting or being eaten by the biggest dang grasshoppers I have ever seen.


  1. Okay, I love this little space! Can I just come and live there!? I'll leave the hubby and kids in Missouri and just stay right there okay? You and Allen have done a great job on all your renovations!

  2. I must agree this is a very neat looking nook. I am sure you also enjoyed the decorating and whatever else will make it a special place to sit and dream and...


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