Sweet, Cute and really Ugly ~ Outdoor Wednesday

Ahhhhhh so sweet

Ahhh isn't he's cute hanging out on my Turks Turban


It doesn't get any uglier than an armadillo ... these guys can live for over 20 years ... That's a long time to be ugly ...

This summer was so hot we had 52 nights with low temperatures of 75 degrees or higher so needless to say I didn't spend much time outside weeding and boy oh boy are my flowerbeds a mess.. I felt plum sorry for the county guys that had to pick up my mess Monday morning and I hate to say it but there's more to come. It's Outdoor Wednesday so come join me over at A Southern Daydreamers along with Miss Susan and lots of other great bloggers to see what everyone is sharing today .. I see lots of pumpkins ..
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Oh, I can relate... it is so hard to get out there in the heat of summer and tend the garden. I tell myself, every year at about this time, that next summer I will do better... just so I don't have to see the sad state of my planting areas this time of year.


  2. Hi. Thanks for visiting and leaving a nice comment. You have a lovely blog, and that blue bird is so pretty. Great pics!
    ~ Julie

  3. Hi Cherry,

    Love the photos, especially the blue bird! I actually think armadillos are pretty cool looking. They look like a prehistoric creature.

    ~ Tracy

  4. I enjoyed visiting with you and thank you for stopping by...I love the Bluebird.
    However did you spot the Gecko?
    I didn't get out and visit much today because I was trying to change my blog template...for some reason I can't get it to change the post title to something other than white.
    Mama Bear

  5. Cute/ugly ... armadillos are unique. Did you ever read A Prayer for Owen Meany (John Irving)? That's when I fell in love with them ... however, I don't have them roaming about in my garden! Autumn joy, dear Cherry :)

  6. I've never heard of turks turban...and I agree, armadillos are not pretty at all...not sure that I think much of lizards either...so I am hapy to say that neither live in NY!! Thanks for visiting Pandora's Box....patti

  7. I love your Outdoor Wednesday photos. Beautiful scenery too.

  8. beautiful outdoor shots I especially love the birds, thanks for sharing the bird watch link , I think I'll get ready for that this coming Feb.thanks for stopping my Nanna's Place, it was ncie to meet you

  9. I love your header photo! Gorgeous..

    The armadillo does look ugly but an interesting creature to see..

  10. What neat creatures you saw! The little bird sure is sweet. ♥

  11. You reminded me how much we have to put out at the curb.
    Don't think I'd like to see anything as big as an armadillo in my yard.

  12. that little bird is so cute, he doesn't even look real!

  13. This is my 1st visit to your blog and I laughed out loud when I read your comments on the armadillo!!! I'm fairly new to blogging and if you'd like to "visit" me in New England I love company and new Followers are so exciting! I enjoyed my visit today!

  14. Beautiful capture of the Long Tailed Skipper in your header. You got that ugly part right on!


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