A few blooming things

The hidden Lilies have been really pretty this year they must like the rain.

My mind has gone blank for the name of the Micky Mouse looking Cuphea I'll add it as soon as it comes to me.

The Hibiscus I have had for over 20 years. Some years it will only bloom peach, some the beautiful rose color and then some like this year both .

Miss Carla you bring the newest Nora Roberts I'll bring the tea and we'll met in the nook..


  1. I love your hibiscus. That's funny that it sometimes blooms two colors. Is that common ? I have one that blooms red, it's in a pot and has to come in for the winters.

  2. Cherry .. I thought aliens abducted you girl ! .. i hadn't heard from you in ages .. love the flowers .. love the trail to the swimming pool ... that was hilarious ! .. best i could do here is the garden hose .. and that is NOT a pretty sight ! haha
    I'm headed to the forums now : )

  3. aliens abducted ..lol can tell Miss Joy is heading into to her happy month ..lol

    Cindy I bought one of each color years ago and I really don't remember if at some point I planted them in the same pot or what.

    I planted it in the ground about 7 years ago and that's when I first noticed the changes.

  4. The blooming things are pretty. I have a few Cupheas and love to make small borders with them, but haven't had the luck to find such an attractive one like yours with the exotic dark flowers. (that was a long sentence.) Take care Miss Cherry.

  5. I like the pics of the hibiscus--the peachy color is beautiful. So glad you got to dip in the pool. I bet you feel like you are alive again. We have gotten the rain you sent and thank you. It has rained a good steady beat for 4 days. It's only a dip in the bucket of what we need but it's a start.

  6. Dear Cherry

    Thanks for the message. I'm replying here because there isn't space to say anything much in the little Blotanical box.

    Buying a mobile phone to use as a camera is very economical compared with buying a proper digital camera because its quality is subsidised by the phone calls you are expected to make. Mine is a pay-as-you-go Samsung D900i.

    When I went to the shop at the end of June, I explained I didn't want a phone with a camera - but a camera that happened to have a phone attached - and asked for the cheapest which would fulfil this purpose.

    In the event, I bought the second to cheapest because I didn't like the 'feel' of the first I was shown.

    It isn't as versatile as a 'proper' camera - it doesn't have a real flash so it doesn't do too well indoors . . . and the zoom bends the horizon in an almost fisheye way, which I don't like. But I'm learning to work with it and go with what it can do rather than fret about what it can't.

    And being so small, it just slips in my pocket.

    Wherever I go, it goes too!


  7. You have some really cool stuff in your yard. Your house is great as well!

    Garden 'til ya drop!

  8. I just found your blog when I enrolled in Blotanical. You have a beautiful garden! I love your creative photography, too.
    Happy Gardening!
    Cameron (Defining Your Home Garden)

  9. Hello~
    Your gardens are gorgeous! Looks like we are able to plant similar flowers, I live in S. Florida zone10.
    Those Hibiscus photos are so pretty, I have quite a love affair with Hibiscus because of the year round blooms. Such a beautiful bloomer!
    I'm a new Blotanist member looking at all the cool blogs.


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