The Angel Oak

Johns Island, South Carolina
While on our girlfriends escape last weekend
 we visited Johns Island, which is the largest island in the South Carolina

where we found this magnificent live oak

as you can see it is an old giant

the beauty of it was almost over whelming.
 While visiting I was in awe of it, but once I sat down
 and started going through my pictures
 is when I really realized just how magnificent it really is.
I love this shot because it shows just how
 big the limbs are compared to the gentleman in the shot

the branches sprawled all over the grounds.
They had stakes and ties to help support the massive limbs

With all the rains we have been having the
 resurrection ferns were pretty and green.
it looks like the perfect fairy tale tree

If you go to Charleston make sure you stop by and visit Johns Island
 not only did we see this beauty we also visited the 
My favorite herb grower Sea Island Savory Herbs is also on the island 
but it was to cold and early to stop by.
I plan on making a quick trip back 
just as soon as they let me know the tomato plants are ready to sell. 
Hope everyone is doing well. I have so much to share 
but I have been doing a lot of running around and playing
 and not much picture editing and blogging. Soon.. I promise...

I am joining in on Outdoor Wednesday come join the fun over at
A Southern Day Dreamer

Take care ya'll hugs, Cherry


  1. How exciting that you visited the Angel Oak Tree! It is truly magnificent! MIND BOGGLING!! The age!! The history it has witnessed!! You took some nice shots of it too! It's GOD's gift to us!!

  2. Amazing! I can't wait to see more! I know you all had a great time!

  3. What a beautiful old tree...I hope you had a fun weekend...

  4. Wow that is an awesome tree. It really does give the perspective of it by having the man in the picture.

  5. I did a post on Live Oaks and had taken some photos, these grand beauties are really difficult to capture. Your photos are wonderful!!

  6. That is indescriable! Did I spell that correctly? anyway, I would love to see that tree and must make a trip down the coast one of these days.

  7. Oh my....what a find. I love this old, old, old oak tree. It belongs in a movie for sure.
    JM Illinois


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