Peaches to Beaches 2013

Some of the sight you will see while riding along Highway 341 
during the longest yard sale in Georgia

Azaleas, sweet treats, lots and lots of people and treasures

plants and toys

beautiful handcrafted items... 
These embroider Days of the week kitchen towels came home with me

kitchen gadgets .. don't you just love them..

pot and pans even pink ones

furs, hats, bottles and lots of glassware

Gospel music and BBQ ... The sounds and smells are heavenly...

antiques everywhere

and new this year a table full of stuffed deer .. 
I forgot I took this picture kinda freaked me out when I first saw it

the rooster I left behind and have been kicking myself ever since

and a picture that I wish I had grabbed

and apparently Miss Beasley and her friend 
hangout here at the creepy house every year for Beth remembers them.. 
I guess I am to busy worrying about spirits trying to tag a ride with us..

and my newest love Frog Jam and Pineapple Salsa
 let me tell ya'll, heck I shouldn't tell ya cause
 then there may not be any for me the next time..
This stuff is awesome! 
The pineapple salsa is one of the best things I have ever tasted
We met Miss Sue, she was so sweet she says she is just a little home based business but I bet if she wanted she could sell this stuff by the 
5 gallon buckets for mega bucks..

our official/unofficial shot.. We pieced this together because...
We are women .. We have the right to
OK she looked good in one I looked good in the

and lastly some how this camellia manged to get in our car and come back
 to Savannah with us in hopes that it will root..  
I know ya'll automatically assume that I am the one that stole it..
 didn't ya ... NOT. 
My aunt Mary always said the flowers she stole would root and flourish
 the ones she asked for always died.
So in hopes this works for us Beth and I should have
a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

Happy Friday everyone hope it's a fun one
hugs, Cherry

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  1. I have read somewhere about that longest yard sale. Gee, I would love that experience!
    I wonder how that frog jam would taste, haha!


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