How to mess with a momma

Happy Friday ya'll
there is a touch of fall in the air and I'm loving it..  
I haven't been doing much gardening 
but I have been staying busy and having lots of fun..
like putting together this cute beaded chandelier

I used Christmas beads a gazillion hot glue sticks,
some punch cups,
and an old brass chandelier
that has been around forever. 
I think it turned out cute.

Then I took my babies to my girlfriend April's fabulous yard
 hung it in her fabulous Oak tree and started taking a million pictures..

Miss Olivia with her big sister Alexis
and here is where the messing with momma comes in...
Aunt Cherry went to Picmonkey and started playing

with all the different settings

and now momma
has to decide which pictures she likes the best.

Oh how aunt Cherry loves
 messing with mommies
and her sweet, sweet babies

Miss Olivia turns one next week.
 We did some really cute birthday pictures
 but I can't share just yet
if you haven't checked out Picmonkey
 you should it's lots of fun.

hugs and Happy Friday ya'll
Thank you for allowing me to show off a bit


  1. I absolutely LOVE that chandelier!! What a lot of work, and it's come out gorgeous! Too bad you can't have it hanging in that setting all the time, it really looks great with the moss hanging down all around it. Your photos of the girls are wonderful, and would look amazing with a few framed together. Thanks for the tip on pic monkey! Have a great weekend. Wendy x

    1. Thank you Wendy I have sent some out to be printed and can't wait to see them..
      hugs, Cherry

  2. It looks like a professional shoot, with the interesting props and the two little beauties. Aren't you a good Aunt Cherry!

  3. Beautiful little girls and LOVE your beaded chandelier!! Such a great idea!!

    1. thank you Miss Susan now if I could just figure out somewhere to use it..

  4. Love Pic must have the advanced version..adorable little girls..Like your new header..

    1. Thank you Missy
      I did do the upgrade for a year and the more I use it the more I like it.. hugs

  5. The beaded chancy is fabulous and the nieces are soooooo adorable! Love what you did with the pictures. Pic Monkey is great and you may like to try Fotoflexer as wel. It is really neat as well. Have a blessed week, Gingerl

    1. Miss Ginger I have not heard of Fotoflexer but I am headed over right now to see what it is all about.. hugs we need to make a lunch date soon..


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