Buying Caladiums now for next years bulbs

Strap Leaf Florida Sweetheart
 Yesterday mom and I rode up to Rahn's Greenhouses 
to pick up some snap dragons, pansy's and other fall/ winter favorites

When I walked into the big house I was in awe..
It was filled with so many beautiful
 and different varieties I knew I was not leaving without them.

 I love Caladiums and every year
 I say I am going to do some and every year I don't

Guess what I will be planting in the spring

 I bought some of each that I will get to enjoy
 for a few more months
and, I am ahead of the game for next year.

  and at an end of season discounted price...
If you are local and haven't been to
you are missing out... 
hugs ya'll, Cherry

 now go see what is discounted at your local nurseries.. 
You never know what treasures you may find


  1. The nursery plants look amazing all grouped together. I've never planted these, but I thought they were an annual, not a bulb. Might check out the nursery in my town to see if they'll winter here. Thanks Cherry. Wendy x

  2. Hello Cherry,
    I bought one of these and I was going to bring it inside for the winter. I was going to take the bulbs out of the dirt. Do you know if this is the proper way to save them for planting in the spring? Any information will be greatly appreciated.....Thanks for sharing......

  3. I love Caladiums..I used to have them around my pond..They don't winter over here..


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