Copper Canyon Daisy

told us all to plant Copper canyon daisy. 

Pam described it as 
"warm sunshine on a chilly autumn day."
Which is the perfect description.
 as I turned into the drive on this very gray gloomy day
I thought Oh that is what Miss Pam meant..

 it is glowing...
My pictures do not do it justices... 
Copper Canyon Daisy (Tagetes lemmonii)  
is a must have in my fall garden from here on out..
You can read all about it here on  Miss Pam's blog.

hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. This bright little daisy does look amazing. The last photo is wonderful ... how nice to have such abundant flowers blooming this time of year (all brown in my gardens now). Have a great weekend Cherry! Wendy x

  2. I missed Pam's posting on this but am glad to see yours! What a sunny bloom! Will have to look for it, knowing it does well in our area too.

  3. Thank you Miss Wendy I hope you have a wonderful weekend also..
    Miss Janet you will love it.. I am going to move some over to a spot that is a little dark in the fall and see if it won't help brighten it up.. hugs, Cherry


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