Hello November...

Good morning all
November is here and it has brought some
 perfect weather... Chilly and sunny.
 I am getting so excited for the holiday's
This year I want to decorate everything.
Cook all kinds of goodies and really blow it out.
I'm not sure if it is because we have a new baby boy
 due in December or because we will be celebrating
 Christmas at my niece's "new" 100 year old home in the country
 or if my heart has finally healed enough to let me feel again..
( if you are new to the blog)
 I lost my brother, father in law and my father all within 19 months.
and that my friend will knock the wind out of your sail for sure..
They say Time heals all... Maybe maybe not,
but it has definitely helped...

Today I am sharing some pieces I did for baby Harrison's nursery
his mommy is doing it in a nautical theme and it has turned out so cute.

you can't really tell it in the picture but the rope is done in a crackled finish.

and this piece is one of my
 favorite lullaby's ever by
The Dixie Chicks
 I did a little rewording and shortened it
 but you can hear it in it's entirety here..

hugs ya'll have a wonderful day, Cherry


  1. You have a lot to look forward to, Cherry, and it's good that you are feeling ready to enjoy it all.

  2. Rose Kennedy, who certainly knew about loss, said that time does not heal, that you form scars and scars are easily picked open. I know that to be true.

  3. Time heals but you never forget..It's tough to lose loved ones..SO sorry for your losses

  4. It certainly has been a rough period for you. Time, and friends. Love the lullaby.


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