The Majestic Oak

This beauty is like none other. Dripping in Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern. Its boughs stretch out over a hundred feet they touch the ground only to rise back up again.

It is indeed a Majestic wonder

Believed to be the oldest oak in Georgia

It is located in the Majestic Oaks subdivision off of Isle of Hope

It was measured in 2009 ~
Circumference ~ Girth 27’ 8” measured at 4′ from the ground.. Longest distance of branches from tip to tip ~ 165’ 7”.. Approximate age 300 ~ 400 years

Legend of Spanish Moss

A Spanish soldier fell in love at first sight with an Indian chief's favorite daughter. Though the chieftain forbade the couple to see each other, the Spaniard was too lovestruck to stop meeting the maiden in secret. The father found them out and ordered his braves to tie the Spaniard high up in the top of an ancient oak tree. The Spaniard had only to disavow his love to be freed, but he steadfastly refused. Guards were posted to keep anyone -- the chief's daughter above all -- from giving food or water to the poor Spaniard.

The Spaniard grew weaker and weaker, but he still would not renounce his love for the girl. Near the end, the Chief tried to persuade him once more to stay away from his daughter. The Spaniard answered that not only would he refuse to disavow his love, but that his love would continue to grow even after death. When at last the Spaniard died, the chief kept the body tied up in the tree as a warning to any other would-be suitors.Before long, the Indians began to notice that the Spaniard's beard continued to grow. The Indian maiden refused ever to take a husband -- unless the Spaniard's beard died and vanished from the tree. As the years went by, the beard only grew stronger and longer, covering trees far from the Indian maiden's village. Legend says that when the Spanish Moss is gone, the Spaniard's love will have finally died with it.

have a beauty Thursday everyone! hugs from Savannah, Cherry


  1. That's a lovely story but that tree .... OMG! , its amazing!

  2. What wonderful photo's Cherry. I love looking at the Spanish Moss. Some southerners may get tired of it but I think it is so lovely. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Those pictures of Savannah are gorgeous - I haven't been there in years. I was just looking at GA bloggers today - I'm from Marietta.


  4. I love this post! Thank you for sharing.

  5. We have some beautiful Oaks around this part too. I like Spanish Moss and the cute little brown blooms it makes.

  6. That's a fabulous tree and a wonderful story, Cherry.


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